My involvement in Desteni and a warning to others

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For a couple years of my life I have been involved with this group and I write this to inform and to share my experience so that others make their choices in an informed way and may also learn from my experience.

Desteni is a group that I got attracted to, because they did interviews through a woman called Sunette. I got attracted to it because most answers were for the picking up that other conspiracy sites didn’t give satisfactory answers to. Admittedly I was a little bit desperate to get answers and to find out more about subjects where honestly speaking of after the fact aren’t real answers to. The subjects I am talking about range from aliens and human origins to the afterlife and everything related to the paranormal. I went as far as going to visit this group and did lots of things in the name of Desteni which I have mixed feelings of on the other hand I feel like I did them and they are part of who I am now and the path I have walked and I don’t shove them away completely.

See for the most part Desteni seemed good and all, but I have always doubted many things such as how there would ever be a solid grip on any sort of dimension after life and what those people would actually do (just sit in a dark room exploring some space or what). After a while I saw that I had taken many things for granted in the quest to get answers and I was neck deep in material that I wasn’t sure of its validity. Mainly what made me doubt is that there is never anything specific that is extracted and that there is no way to check for anyone anything that is being transferred through the so called portal which is what Sunette was called as a human placement that could express anything in existence. Afterlife interviews originally it was duped and it got me completely in the beginning, but it was easy to see afterwards that most of it is just like a horoscope – it seems to get everything right, but in a very general way. Nope don’t believe horoscopes either by the way.

The problem that I got with Desteni is that everything is based on the portal really, if that falls away as a dupe then everything that has been derived from it and based around it becomes sort of obsolete. Its like promoting self honesty and self forgiveness, but if you have a base of complete lie then nothing of that really comes through anymore. The first time I realized it could be a lie is how I saw Bernard made a remark about the portal where he would often made a remark about the portal saying: “ha, and now we have the walking dead among us how cool is that” and how he would gauge our reaction to it as if it was some kind of attraction. Also how he would open and close it and determined everything that was being done concerning the ‘portal’ and also how in the stories of the beginning of the ‘portal’ it really was him that created it and it seemed that Bernard was using experience and only the experience from Sunette as a sort of cross reference to what he was doing. What was exactly going on I couldn’t tell, Sunette never talked completely open about the portal or the experience thereof and it seemed to me that Sunette was kind of lost in all this. Which does confirm my suspicion that she was simply going through a mental break perpetuated by drugs or I don’t know she went through some heavy shit, because you just don’t pull something like that off so easily – however people that go through a psychic break can have all kinds of experiences and they can increase sensitivity and amplify experience and that’s what I am seeing someone on XTC or a psychic break or both. However that is but conjecture from my part.

I have mixed feelings about Desteni, on the one hand there are capable people there that know how to handle shit and I wonder how far they have been allowed by Bernard to walk after the white rabbit or if he has actually told them the truth straight up. It was the con of a lifetime from him, but I suspect that a lot of people involved in Desteni were already sucked into demonology they were doing as what Desteni was originally doing. From my experience most people at Desteni still get attracted initially by the portal interviews, but there is less emphasis on it now and it is more for the insiders – the afterlife type of interviews I mean. Even though Desteni has brought forth a lot of different tools and practical things and proofed some things through walking them that doesn’t take away that at the core it is based on a lie and even if you could look past it and look at the practical side, the very fact that this cult continues with it completely defeats its own purpose. In all respect to its members which I see as people I have met and spoken to and experienced and in my opinion are good folk as they call it at home here.

I do think Desteni has a certain effect on its members as there is a certain language around Desteni that makes it cut itself off from the main world and it becomes a domain on its own. Its own paradigm of research with a different language to fit it. There is no way for outsiders to remotely understand what is going on until they join or read into the material of Desteni. Quite typical and not healthy for any human being to entertain too much as it is like a virus, it just takes over and you will be talking a completely different language in less than a few months time. I had no experience with cults before, but I have definitely hit one hard and it had an effect on my life where you cannot relate this to others and when it really comes down to it there is nothing to come down to as it is all made up by Desteni. I feel ashamed afterwards for having been part of this for so long before I could get my feet on the ground again and I feel it was a part of my path to search for answers and new experiences that were also very positive as it is great to be part of a group and ask questions that aren’t really addressed in class.

As for some closing words I would say: there are no good cults, there are no simple paths to answers, there is no afterlife you can ask, there is no great speaker that does it better than others. We do each of us our own thing and share that with others, that is all that is going on and we learn from our experiences and we love to share em for good and for worse and most of all we do everything to get further to the next level and we never really do and we get so stuck in this struggle that is what life is, this jumbled up stuff that you did because you wanted to do something so bad but you have to do with what you got.


The process of Self-Inquiry

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In a question there is always something external present that is questioned and already separately observed. In the process of Self-Inquiry the definitions formed are automatically referred back to self to be purified as Self.

Practically this means that not everything is questionable but everything becomes a journey to who you are as that which you question yourself, naturally you create a ordered mind that is able to reflect on things without a preconception of what that thing is.

This is especially important in remaining sane, in the most simple term of the word: wholeness of being instead of a being separated by him or herself through self definition which is unavoidable when participating in the world, but at least you are able to make the distinction between what is the world and what is you as the world.

The Art of Divination

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Many swear by it that by some practice or method it is possible to make an assessment about the future or the past, it has become a self fulfilling prophecy where we hang onto our star signs and that with mathematical precision there is written in the ether what is going to happen, yet best you ever get is a 50/50 chance and even that is subject to chance.

That we are linked at a quantum level however is what I found personally something hard to deny, I cannot see any other way for any of our reality to function the way it does and that there is predictable patterns is only so in our own cultivation of life and the ones in nature aren’t predictable in the way that is satisfactory to us.

Nature is predictable in shape and form to a degree and behavior is predictable to a degree and even characteristics we would ascribe to humans are to be found in animals, however a real predictable system that tells you a linked series of events is one of the things we can’t seem to find in nature as it is always slightly different, moving and out of place with what you would expect if it was simply all a matter of mathematics.

It could very well be the reason why we are so eager to invent it for ourselves and see our entire western culture hooked on game of thrones an excellent example of how things should be as a story, fitting together and making sense in some way – not just violence that was all for nothing and got us to the same point where we started, after all the ends justifies the means is the main slogan of any cult or culture to justify its existence. Where as I might be so free to make the observation that the means is exactly what is being constantly overlooked.

Home as a place for the living?

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Home can be defined as place where you live, traditionally we call a house a home which is an extension of the earth just more refined. In that sense where earth being the home of all having people without a house in a system which requires you to have a house to gain access to certain basic needs is causing needless suffering and besides makes us all homeless in a sense.

For your definition of a home is not only being under a roof and call it home, but it extends to living in a place which is earth. When not all can live in a home nobody is really at home since living is something we do together and is shared whether we like it or not. It doesn’t make sense that some have access to a home and some not in the slightest bit, still it is so.

A home created for a person should be defined as living in a place, which included all living having a place to do so it is simply common sense, still it is not so.

The discussion then becomes how come we keep perpetually repeating things that don’t make sense? Can you make a habit out of not making sense, but at the same time having such perfectly defined words of what the things are? It proofs we don’t do words, but a part of it only for a couple of us and calling it a day. We are all homeless people where some have gained by shoving others aside a place they can call their own, but home? Nah not really, its just fortress to keep for oneself while others needlessly suffer having no place to stay and get the protection they need.

In that sense you could say ‘need’ is being abused by dividing it into something you get once you earn it through some external manor. For some it is not even possible to get access to the external manors that would get them a home. From the point that not all are being covered we are all walking dead really.

We are all lost Children looking for Home

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Whether we are grown up or not we remain children at the core and we never really change in that regard. We keep our childish dreams and hopes and cherish them, polish them and complicate them. More than that it never becomes unfortunately as what we really search for is a Home or a place with or without a partner that gives us that feeling of that we are ‘there’ safe and sound and without a worry in the world.

We are lost in the sense that we get separated in groups from a young age, even though you have your parents they are only temporary if any support. Home is defined per individual and has to do with our experience of our self growing up – it becomes the place to be and any temporary solution will do, but it is never really ‘there’. It is close to feeling lonely even though you got everything you might which for, feeling helpless or useless even though there is plenty you can do and are useful for.

From this many thing has festered and mutated into behavior we now classify and place in certain boxes yet the archetype remains the same: a lost child finding his or her way home as though following a shadow to catch the sun.

The yearning for home or a type of home is strong and for some defined simply as earth although that is not just what home is: a place. It is a complete set of emotions and sensations that have to be met and even if it could be reached it is only there for that moment.

Permanent trauma in many cases can lead to things we see more in the form of pedophilia which is adults that have warped desire into finding it into being intimate with a child. I’d say its one of the best covered up phenomena of this time and it is intimately linked with the child within someone being so lost that their is no home to search for just the desire to feel the innocence of a child once more as a feeling to temporary satisfy due to their not being any stimulation from the environment to meet the basic needs of feeling and being a child oneself and being completely separated from what I call our inner child.

It can become rather ghostly in a sense that there is no real solution offered by society as a whole in any culture. You either get with the program or you get lost and endlessly try to find that place called home and if there is none, then that is somehow accepted as being unlucky or just what happens.

In a very real sense can this be related to children and people that are homeless as it reflects in the actual world what we do with people that are homeless: covering it up – placing screens around them or creating hostile environments that repel homeless people.

a gamers perspective on Psychosis

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In online gaming which is the thing these days there is such a thing a ‘ping’ its a delay between the server and the computer sort of. When that ping gets really high so the delay really big it causes all kinds of things to happen. Stuttering but all kinds of strange distortions can take place. In my case I also experienced this sort of distortion, not the type where you literally see people stuttering on their bikes but definitely being out of sync with the rest of reality, where reality would be the hard server side of things. The cause of ping can be data traffic or all kinds of things relating to the connection between server and computer and also between computer and internet service provider, which would be your brain.

Pureness = Living

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Pureness, indivisible, undefinable, without cause, spontaneous, springing from and sprouting into the seed that grow out from the tree it was given life from jetting forth into the eternal sea of innocence jetting forth to become who we really are: Living The Seed