What makes Desteni Tick

Some years ago I got involved with the Desteni cult. If you know nothing about it fine, but Here I use some space to rant, advice, awaken and what not else you get out of it.

First off look at Desteni where they are now in terms of actual content compared to where they were years ago the research on the dimensions was that first they had beings come through the portal, oh right the portal you don’t know about that and the dimensions might seem strange to you as well. The Portal is an inter-dimensional gateway as claimed able to bring all and everything here, the dimensions is when we talk about heaven and such to make it easy to navigate through this post.

So the content is that they have changed all of the dimensions and in fact deleted it and put all the beings involved in process to assist and support humanity now you would say that is a daunting task, but no it was done overnight more or less and the actual written text about it is scarce. Lots of talks about beings that talk to you on eye level, even the reptilians the supposed creators of mankind. But what might be the biggest change and the actual working of how they never question this and I am talking about the workings of the portal itself. Its just a woman with good communication skills that went full out on this story. But the actual meat on the bones of the story is scares its a skeleton with some beings (not even that many) that tell their story in short bursts that have very little to say in the end except for process and what Bernard has been teaching them for many years.The research if you can call it that, because it doesn’t  follow any scientific method, on the dimensions is a grain of salt in an ocean of possibilities and should have been much bigger from the start, but hey ho you can buy em now for a euro a piece (don’t forget that these interviews are often around 70+ euros long)

Bernard, I met em and I liked em, but there is also things that i noticed about him that were hard to forget. He was in no means perfect and he had the altitude that what he was doing what was best for all and if somebody didn’t like it they could fuck off. Input was often swayed with famous lines as, ‘but look at your starting point’. Well educated, many books on hypno regression and other books that he had read including a good dose of science fiction no doubt. He gave birth to Desteni and is the soul-mother of it all, like a sketch of a multi-animal he would portray himself because the camera was for some reason a problem for him. (it needs to be the group that is doing something otherwise you just get stuck and he knew it) Like the multi-animal Desteni is created from a background of demonology, law, science fiction, a dose of Osho, Zecharia Sitchin, books about past life regressions of hypnotherapists to books about kinesiology all and everything you want from Desteni is already here just brought together including a piece of software that lets you repeat words to increase your vocabulary (which he re-purposed from other people. more or less stole it) Things I noticed about Bernard is that he never showed himself for too long while not being in form, probably because in those early years people would so easily get confused if he didn’t put a right example also he had anger issues, which some might call differently but he did. However Desteni did get finished and I gota give em that he put in the time and effort needed for Desteni to become a success, that was never gonna work with Sunette alone. There was need of a director and that is what he played. He went for the End game. Too bad he past away I bet he would have been proud.

The followers of Desteni generally don’t post much Desteni stuff on their wall. Some don’t care cause they only have Desteni friends on facebook, but some do and its funny. Mind the Desteni posts because what if that bursts your friend bubble on facebook, ey? Talking big to defend it but only keeping it as a project in the basement or maybe your friends wouldn’t understand, well send em to this post maybe they will.

And what if we for a second say its all true the dimensions and all that, what a crap job then of reporting it in terms of actual research as I said the implications and scale would be immense and could never be done by one person alone.


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