The Entity Human

The human being is an entity that creates thoughts which in itself is an entity that interacts and combines itself with other thoughts and forms patterns within which we decide with intelligence where they go and what we give importance to which also arose from thoughts which are mutated and arranged through the environment with which we interact with as ultimate goal: survival.

Words are entities that we combine and mutate combined with other words made up of sounds that we link to images and other sounds. A sound is an entity that interacts with other sounds and so we create an entire library of entities that through breathing and physically moving get manifested in some form or another.

Therefore thoughts are never truly yours, they are entities that you have to deal with from a very young age and just got better at. At some point those entities start interacting with you again where you interact with the mutated thoughts that have manifested in a complex entity that adepts and developed with you so you started to think that is you but it isn’t.

It is the complex thought form that is you, in reality you are a living breathing machine that produced a copy of itself mentally and is now interacting with you on a daily basis like a artificial intelligence. And to be frank what is the difference really between a computer doing this or an organism doing this the result is the same.

The difference is that a machine isn’t breathing, well this could be mimicked you could argue – but could you have a human body grown and then implement a complex consciousness that is the question really. Well there are problems with that since the bond isn’t there and has to be forged artificially.

The bond that the artificial intelligence or consciousness that is implemented is fooled by itself thinking that it is the human body, being completely convinced by this then it is possible. Given that the grown human body was completely clean and didn’t develop a consciousness of its own during the incubation process. Which then has to be suppressed to be able to wear this new consciousness.

But wait isn’t that exactly how it is now, we have a suppressed self and on top of that we have this complex that is called our developed self? Ever heard of people saying they are really a little boy or girl from a year or 12? That what is really inside is simply the child within that at some point just got loaded with new software and stopped steering the ship?

That is what it seems like anyway although most never confront the traumatic memory that let them shove their childhood under the hood and started accepting the new self to take the wheel. In many cultures there is also a specific ritual to become adult but usually it happens much earlier in life where you can’t cry and have to survive and be big and strong.

Such is life? Well of-course that is the design (cause we designed it), but might it also have to do with the fact that we have created an environment that demands for this to happen? What is puberty but a struggle for identity which you have to find in a group that doesn’t know its identity either. Isn’t that creating an environment where you have to be strong to survive in terms of personality, because not having one and showing that you have no clue is weakness and will get you kicked out of the group?

It’s kind of bizarre since there is no teacher telling you that stuff when you grow up, instead its just lots of knowledge and information and competing with others to satisfy the ultimate goal of survival really. How would a world look if there was no competition in schools? Would the quality of education just go down or maybe we could go ahead into a golden age where children reach their true potential and not get stuck in an office at the age of 30?

Not to deny that there is a lot education can do for someone, it’s just that learning can be coupled much better with that actual practice so that you at least have a sense of what you are learning it for instead of just scoring high numbers at some school that then gives you a paper which you can use to find jobs. Rather find a job and have education support you through your work, makes much more sense to me anyway.

Or are jobs we have just not accessible is that what we are hiding behind school? Have we created an environment that is just the ultimate mutation of our personalities where a few sit on top and rule the rest through money. You tell me 1.2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water how do you explain that to a young child that has grown up with it..



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