The Freedom Problem

Since a couple of years now I have stopped participating in a group called Desteni. They are still active and you can look it up although my story is more about what kind of effect your belief system has on the world and the effect of the world on a person with a already installed set of perceptions about that world. I don’t participate anymore because I don’t believe all of the main things Desteni is based around which is the wondrous portal. I’d say Desteni is a lot like any religion with its own creation story and the belief in a woman that can bring out anything in existence and speak as it including people after they die. (i know it sounds kind of silly when you sum it up very short but its what it is)

I looked for answers in all kinds of matters, simple matters like how is there hunger and complicated matters like where do we come from. See, Desteni came up with all these answers for me, for others it might be their religion or their parents or friends telling them answers but for me it was this group. What happens is that instead of looking at the world like something you already knew mostly, things started opening up and were subject to change and more interesting through the glasses of Desteni then I had ever seen before. We all know we sort of loose that sense of wonder with the world after some time aging.

The thing is in reality is we know very little, and the fact is we can’t know anything really since it is interpreted through the mind which is conditioned to believe and recognize certain patterns. All we know is that what has been before and we can start to make all kinds of parallels to how it is now. Knowledge is therefore in effect the past. The past is continued through the now towards the future which is the past as well as it is projected exactly as it was before. Clinging onto knowledge like in science will every-time make an area to look at smaller and smaller as it is the refined past that is being looked at. However what is a really undeveloped skill in adults is the ability to free think and look at something without involving the mind as you are used to it, looking at something without involving judgement or any system that analyses what you are seeing/doing more like a child does.

As a foundation now we have an education system which teaches you to repeat after you are told, solve problems that a computer can solve much quicker. So instead of making human beings computers to run this system, rather have computers do the work so we can focus on things that are truly important to a human being. Which is for each to figure out through doing, working and living. Right now we have a system that is based on conflict through conflict we get to progress. Everything you have learned is fighting for something overcoming conflict so you can advance to a greater consciousness which is aspired and formed from a very young age. Business is conflict as it tries to compete and make money over the backs of others.

When we look at where we need to progress it is rather that we need to stop progressing and look at what the fuck we are doing, to this planet, to each other, to ourselves. Rather have people work less because the current economic growth is just based on a virtual reality where there is no limit, not to the physical reality. We are continuously pushing the limit for no reason at all except for some fame and money for those that make it to the top. These things were the things I wondered from the beginning, like why is reality like this and how come we still haven’t figured it out. Well that sort of is the problem as we are going as we have gone before and although we have figured everything out already the mass can’t stop, except for smaller incremental steps that are slowly being taken. Together this means that human kind awaits a future that is rather grim and this is something that you don’t want to get reminded of, but still it is rather obvious.

You might say: “ah well we have made it this far so we’ll see” but really in no time there will be fully automated supermarkets where you pay with a chip in your body and all the work is basically done by a computer then still we got this whole new problem which is: what the hell do I do now? Maybe people will be surrounded by machines even more to communicate and play so that you hang in your living room in your self-cleaning diaper with a VR on your head. I mean at what point is it gonna matter what living is and what virtual reality is? Because what we support is a virtual reality not a physical one.


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