My experience and perception of myself

For some time I have felt ashamed about what I have done in my life, because of what I believed and I have come to the point where I am not ashamed of that anymore or feel bad about my experiences. I can see how I have come to do and believe what I have and I have stopped judging myself for it, more importantly is how to continue after all. It is simply impossible to continue with clinging to the past too much. I have experienced hallucinations and other things that I can honestly say were outside of my control, something I would never think possible. Yet the human mind is much more fragile than I have thought before. On the other hand it recovers, but much slower than the body.

Slowly I’m building up my self confidence again and am able again to reflect on what has happened as this was not possible for me for some time. Lots of things remain fascinating to me also about others in a similar situation how what I believed eventually took over and how strong your convictions can become and completely can take over. I am thankful for the experiences I have received and I can honestly say that whatever happens you should never give up on yourself even if you feel you can’t go on. Talking to others with an open mind that have had their realization in life about their beliefs and have met themselves so to speak has done that for me as does writing about it, because you can read back what you wrote and see in what phase you were in gives support, support to keep going forward and be honest to myself in that I have a long way to go but that you can do something about yourself. Its the only way really to achieve anything is to take a look at yourself first.

I don’t have advice for anyone else since it is only within an individual alone that you can start to make a change or challenge themselves to new things to keep moving and simply following some advice isn’t going to initiate that. Just like others I believe in sharing since I have seen a lot of blogs of people trying to make a difference from within themselves and I see that the internet has the potential to be a great tool in self help combined with other factors always that have to be already present for anything to work and that is a basis for self-dialogue. You can enable yourself to work actively on what you think and later will do as you can argue that thinking is in a sense a sort of doing.

This is as simple as actively planning and monitoring your reactions to what you have done so that you can adjust your planning to a sustainable level to your challenge level. It’s a simple way to put yourself to work and actively improve your reactions.


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