banger or bible hugger?

Dimensions for an educated person might mean a plane or a realm or even a separate existence. It is a defined point of anything really and can mean anything, but it always means something. Say you crumble a piece of paper, every line on the paper creates new dimensions and the entirety is a dimension on its own in fact and most know this dimensions are infinite and you can recognize speech that deals with dimensions through words like within and as and like where it folds and unfolds and skips dimensions. What however is never possible is to get a real overview as it is always coupled with a name a definition of some sort that is pre-existing, you can never get to “god” so to say which is of course what everyone always tries to do.

A personality is a dimension of a kind as well, it consists of definitions and can be infinitely evolved like a book can much like  the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky where the human being evolves as the top species and becomes ‘god’ in a sense through evolution. It is one of the fairy-tales that keep most of society going actually, first a rocket to the moon and a nuclear program before anything basic like food for everyone and a roof for everyone. Calling that human evolution is just bullshit, it is simply common sense that human kind strife’s for what they can’t have and the truth is that we rather have to stop doing certain things instead of trying to do more.

Working with channeling and astrology where star signs align to what you do and so on is also pre-existing definitions within our self that we unroll as far as I am concerned. Everything to do with the dimensions is divination as a matter of fact even math and it always fits because it is like saying the train fits well on the land, ignoring the tracks that were lain down completely or being surprised it gets to its destination.

At the moment you define life, its only a life that is defined as such so its specific it has content that is interpreted and that makes it possible to do evaluation after life because you use a definition or a specific part of interpreted experience and call it life to which you can apply specific language to explore that without really going into the specifics because it is reinterpreted. This is rather useless as it is the experience of the physical individual that can never be retrieved like a black-box and that is where the magicians and interpreters come in and call it something else and take your money.

Some believe that this physical existence is eternity or that there is eternity after death the science corner believes its all a random accident that came out of an explosion that exploded out of nothing or whatever. Both are completely unverifiable, but one thing is for sure, if you try to grasp eternity from a dimensional plane you are gonna see nothing but black and if you try to do the same with the big bang its much the same as there is nothing to define after a certain point and it becomes impossible to get any overview.

Another view could be that there wasn’t something to explode speaking in big bang terms or in other words substance isn’t something that had to start existing or have to exist eternally it could just be morphing like a fluid changing form and we have been so indoctrinated in thinking that something has to be there existing in something else, its like our thought process is stuck in a box. Simply because what we observe and note down become the tracks that we ride for the time being as a mind. People that tell me, its all randomly generated I think don’t care about the question and simply do as has been told, people that simply believe in a god and eternity because the bible say so do exactly the same.

The purpose of this is to test for yourself if you can even do this mental exercise and see if you have a predefined idea about how everything started because we can’t proof any of it. If you can’t it is a limitation that you won’t be bothered by at all as everything we know is situated around this knowledge as fact and when you use something so crucial as fact you will never be able to see another concept as it passes because you will have already decided what it should be and whether you are a banger or a bible hugger.


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