The Art of Divination

Many swear by it that by some practice or method it is possible to make an assessment about the future or the past, it has become a self fulfilling prophecy where we hang onto our star signs and that with mathematical precision there is written in the ether what is going to happen, yet best you ever get is a 50/50 chance and even that is subject to chance.

That we are linked at a quantum level however is what I found personally something hard to deny, I cannot see any other way for any of our reality to function the way it does and that there is predictable patterns is only so in our own cultivation of life and the ones in nature aren’t predictable in the way that is satisfactory to us.

Nature is predictable in shape and form to a degree and behavior is predictable to a degree and even characteristics we would ascribe to humans are to be found in animals, however a real predictable system that tells you a linked series of events is one of the things we can’t seem to find in nature as it is always slightly different, moving and out of place with what you would expect if it was simply all a matter of mathematics.

It could very well be the reason why we are so eager to invent it for ourselves and see our entire western culture hooked on game of thrones an excellent example of how things should be as a story, fitting together and making sense in some way – not just violence that was all for nothing and got us to the same point where we started, after all the ends justifies the means is the main slogan of any cult or culture to justify its existence. Where as I might be so free to make the observation that the means is exactly what is being constantly overlooked.


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