Home as a place for the living?

Home can be defined as place where you live, traditionally we call a house a home which is an extension of the earth just more refined. In that sense where earth being the home of all having people without a house in a system which requires you to have a house to gain access to certain basic needs is causing needless suffering and besides makes us all homeless in a sense.

For your definition of a home is not only being under a roof and call it home, but it extends to living in a place which is earth. When not all can live in a home nobody is really at home since living is something we do together and is shared whether we like it or not. It doesn’t make sense that some have access to a home and some not in the slightest bit, still it is so.

A home created for a person should be defined as living in a place, which included all living having a place to do so it is simply common sense, still it is not so.

The discussion then becomes how come we keep perpetually repeating things that don’t make sense? Can you make a habit out of not making sense, but at the same time having such perfectly defined words of what the things are? It proofs we don’t do words, but a part of it only for a couple of us and calling it a day. We are all homeless people where some have gained by shoving others aside a place they can call their own, but home? Nah not really, its just fortress to keep for oneself while others needlessly suffer having no place to stay and get the protection they need.

In that sense you could say ‘need’ is being abused by dividing it into something you get once you earn it through some external manor. For some it is not even possible to get access to the external manors that would get them a home. From the point that not all are being covered we are all walking dead really.


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