We are all lost Children looking for Home

Whether we are grown up or not we remain children at the core and we never really change in that regard. We keep our childish dreams and hopes and cherish them, polish them and complicate them. More than that it never becomes unfortunately as what we really search for is a Home or a place with or without a partner that gives us that feeling of that we are ‘there’ safe and sound and without a worry in the world.

We are lost in the sense that we get separated in groups from a young age, even though you have your parents they are only temporary if any support. Home is defined per individual and has to do with our experience of our self growing up – it becomes the place to be and any temporary solution will do, but it is never really ‘there’. It is close to feeling lonely even though you got everything you might which for, feeling helpless or useless even though there is plenty you can do and are useful for.

From this many thing has festered and mutated into behavior we now classify and place in certain boxes yet the archetype remains the same: a lost child finding his or her way home as though following a shadow to catch the sun.

The yearning for home or a type of home is strong and for some defined simply as earth although that is not just what home is: a place. It is a complete set of emotions and sensations that have to be met and even if it could be reached it is only there for that moment.

Permanent trauma in many cases can lead to things we see more in the form of pedophilia which is adults that have warped desire into finding it into being intimate with a child. I’d say its one of the best covered up phenomena of this time and it is intimately linked with the child within someone being so lost that their is no home to search for just the desire to feel the innocenceĀ of a child once more as a feeling to temporary satisfy due to their not being any stimulation from the environment to meet the basic needs of feeling and being a child oneself and being completely separated from what I call our inner child.

It can become rather ghostly in a sense that there is no real solution offered by society as a whole in any culture. You either get with the program or you get lost and endlessly try to find that place called home and if there is none, then that is somehow accepted as being unlucky or just what happens.

In a very real sense can this be related to children and people that are homeless as it reflects in the actual world what we do with people that are homeless: covering it up – placing screens around them or creating hostile environments that repel homeless people.


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