My second experience with a clinic

Even though I believe in the natural solution of psychiatric symptoms and labels, I do believe that medicine can play an important role in the recovery of patients that have passed the conditions and opportunities to do so. Only with clear communication with psychiatrist and patient can an equilibrium be reached that, however it is chemical balancing, it suits the patient and contributes to eventually getting better of the patient.

Some rare perspectives although not so rare for those that read books from actual patients recovered from people with sever psychiatric disorders come to light. One of those is how much we need instruction and a clear mind and affection from others whether with patients or with the people that care for them.

How do you know whether something is warm or cold or hard or soft from touch, you know it from experience from knowledge not saying that there isn’t such a thing as touch where all those mix in the form of a moving touch where all the mixed knowledge in experience becomes endless shades of grey.

How is that related to me sitting in a clinic for the second time? Well it has to do with the fact that touch is all you have at some point, because its just so boring. In a clinic even though I got access to my full computer and certain freedoms the small touch is what we have to do with.

My philosophy always goes back to stopping, stopping the mind stopping my body so I can start to feel again and touch something, not just something – anything, everything.


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