This must be as old as human beings themselves and the most effective way to get a human to do what you want: instill fear in a human being or many other creatures and you can control its behavior

Especially in prison this seems to be a tool that is mainly used and when fear isn’t effective anymore it becomes terror as a more advanced mechanism of the same system that has been introduced since Machiavelli.

What are we afraid of in ourselves that we use fear and terror as the main tools to control and maintain? Mainly the entire history is dominated by this concept and modern managers and CEO’s know exactly how to keep the lines of ducks straight through this simple mechanic.

The trick is to have the main fear hold while still having a small margin of people break through that can be controlled through media, not being afraid means becoming famous and becoming famous will get you all the attention and becoming  ‘special’ which is how the fear holds even stronger because of the label ‘special’ or ‘unique’

I wonder what is the alternative, say you have people self-steered and self-informed about what is going on leading themselves and not controlled by the fear that is instilled by some random force, I’d say for the way that it has been going the prediction is chaos but is that insight in any way grounded?

One of the things you learn when you lead is to keep a distance in some way because you will always be taken advantage of by those things that make you equal, its the general upbringing that causes this and you lose authority on showing weakness at least this is what is being thought and completely soaked in.

My perspective is that this is due to the fact that people themselves are never self-steered, but basically demand some kind of direction from somewhere else to the extend that they except nothing less than someone that corrects and tells what to do since most of what we do is from the perspective of doing it for someone or something else – may it be god, a company or a person or a cause

The difference in doing something for you as yourself is not depending on an external force but what is interesting is the motivation: why do you do it and maybe some ask how do you even do that?

For the motivation to come from yourself you come to yourself and instead of it being selfish it can be self-supporting and if self developed with common sense instead of a limited ego perspective then it will be what is best for all and you wouldn’t notice the difference from another perspective except that whether someone or something is telling you what and how to do it is irrelevant and it might be done that way but also it might be done differently.

Its the strength of independent thought and the source of all news and all new inventions even though it goes completely against anything we have learned. New stuff and exiting inventions don’t and haven’t come from universities or big boring buildings, but those in the field that said: I am doing this because it is what it needs

The strength doesn’t come from the individual but from the realization of the individual as the whole that they can use anything in anyway which is just plain common sense anyway but hardly ever used ironically

Learning something you don’t do very often is extremely useful since it adds to your experience of the whole instead of only one paradigm which is why we are stuck, none of the fields know how to work together – if that happened working together that is we would have schools work together with the information and communication technology fields.

What happens instead is that teachers get saddled with any ways they can convey information and do something completely out of their job discription and the statistics keep showing that it is all good which means that our schooling is way more fucked than we ‘think’ (we think what the stats say) and we need to get some real environments where people can enrich themselves and have the jobs that are needed create the education programs they want their workers to learn so you don’t have to learn endless of useless crap


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