The Elite-Grid and the Solution to a Homicidal Money-System

Some might define ‘elite’ as those couple of people with all the power, but it isn’t really true – lets just look through facts what it really means to be ‘elite’

One of the things elite people have over not elites is money and money these days is electronic since we can’t actually print enough money to go around so logically it is electricity that makes you elite If you figure that electricity gives you the possibility of a computer and what not then it is not such a stretch to go to figure you belong to an ‘elite’ human being. Someone that can do stuff with electricity.

Since at least a quarter of the world population doesn’t have electricity yet that leaves most of the people with an ‘elite’ status. This we can divide up into people that actually have their own place with electricity or are just using electricity through a central community or some construction that allows them to use electricity for their basic needs.

About 2,5 billion people of the 6-7 billion people total use wood or some land salvaged fuel for warmth and cooking and apparently giving access (which is largely a political issue) to electricity only raises the CO2 emission by 0.9% which is nothing looking at the improvement it will bring and also a lot more people will be into the debate for the so called ‘clean’ energy that many are just simply locked out of and besides that around 2 million die each year just because of inhaling smoke or some of these basic things that are just not necessary

Now looking deeper into the elite countries and what is happening there with the euro for example we can see that it is failing because they can’t agree in how to behave and that behavior that they can’t agree on is how to spend their excess wealth (yeah not even on how to spend it properly but what to do with savings)

Everyone of the elites is trying to secure financial security for self and their ‘loved ones’ which clearly doesn’t include everybody because in the current context you can’t take care of everybody only yourself and your direct environment because the money is earned in a ‘free market system’ where not everyone even gets a fighting chance – its absurd really.

The worry for this financial security is so strong that it clouds all other impulses that are going on and the ‘bigger picture’ is not even of interest anymore. I mean what are you doing it all for when you have taken care of that money thing, how about that question?

The quote from TED TALKS: Peter Diamandis Abundance is our future is:

If the mainly problem of the world is all about money, I propose do not use money anymore. We can make a free living. Not in a money prison.

From this quote I will change some things such as the problem is the current money system, how we use money, and specifically the way that money is set up as a necessity to live rather than it being a perquisite for life. How come this is not understood? Because we have thought so long in reverse that we can’t anymore? This has to be studied very well and be understood very well and yet it is so easy to get, the only obstacle is ourselves not something arbitrary such as the concept of money itself

Life is already here before there is money but now there has to be money first before there a new human life created, embedded into the system should be this life and what it needs to live and for that we have to be able to set up a responsible living first – because what we don’t want to admit to ourselves is that this life is not worth living and that is the bitter truth of why nothing changes

How can I say something like this? Am I suicidal? No I am not suicidal but I think the current money system is set up as a homicidal system that simply kills life because it is not worth living according to the system that doesn’t take life into consideration, only profit and results that those life produce are measured and valued.



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