School seems to have drilled in that you just have to acquire lots of stuff that they present to you and repeat it after it being drilled in.

This is probably why we lost our natural inquisitiveness since also the definition of intelligence is biased around acquiring knowledge (and applying) not on the combination of facts which is where true intelligence lies

The combination and natural process of asking questions and creating dialogue is what creates real intelligence and self-educated people and it is a shame to be tought otherwise.

The effect is the random execution of some random script that can be anything and has not been tested thoroughly by self which leads to the random roll out of events with collateral damage not taken into account, because the facts have not been tested before hand.


One Response to “Schooling”

  1. Brian Branche Says:

    School is for life and learning comes through experience of life, education is about looking, hearing and talking. Listening being a major ingredient.

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