Man’s Life=Evil?

Besides smoking and killing each other there seems no end in what the human kind does to each other and it has fuck all to do with Living.

One of the examples is Money and then the guts to call money evil while we as human beings let money determine our fate, I mean every system we have induldged in has been penetrated by Money and those that live of the land suffer because of it since they need in their turn something from the system which requires Money, trading in hard labour for nothing more than the bare essentials.

Its absolutely crazy and the world must be diagnosed with a complete disssociation with reality one of these days just by the fact that they state often that Money is evil instead of man itself.

Its exactly why nothing has changed before – because of cheer pride and the unwillingness to admit to ourselves that we did it ourselves and thus are responsible for the creation of Money and also for the solution of Money which is equal money where no longer a question of Money whether you Live or you Die, because that is just Evil

The only group that I found that is taking this head on is Desteni ( and some loose statements where we lobby for a Basic Income Grant are valid as well as a solution in between towards a solution that is ourselves as Life living it and sorting this out for the sake of every single living thing in the Universe

The Ironic thing about it is that most things are just fine as they are except Human Beings, the so called most developed spieces – which is rather a disappointment if you believe in the ‘status quo’ that has settled in our hive mind


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