Parenting advanced

This is somewhat radical but for the heck of it, let me give it a shot – I am not even a parent but I am learning my parents parenting and they advance because they see I am learning and improving upon their parenting instead of parrotting.

Parenting also is like pa ranting, like some god figure telling you what to do. Well it doesn’t have to be, it can be cooperation actually where the child improves upon the parents by drawing its own path

See parents probably tried this in several different ways in their lives and that is where experience can actually help and advanced parenting on an equal level can begin without just becoming some thing your parents want or a straight copy with some adjustments

Question is, why the heck doesn’t it happen – this is cause usually there is an emotional event that blocks the whole communication and it has to do with the different roles parents play: they become unreiable, because they aren’t consistent in who they are

The cool thing is they can if you are and if they can’t then draw your own path until they see that you aren’t gonna make the same mistakes as they did, prove it – simple


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