My Experience with Bernard

My experience with Bernard from Desteni was mixed to say the least. The guy made sure you couldn’t exactly like him and you did at the same time.

He forced you to figure things out for yourself and kicked your ass when you where messing around in your head, no one I ever met had the guts to do that.

I don’t agree with everything Bernard did or said, but that is exactly the point – you don’t have to, to understand and if he would have done it in any other way it wouldn’t have worked, this is my experience anyway. (so I agree and not agree but in his shoes I would do the same but really I dont know if I could because I am not Bernard – but I would probably do the same because I had no choice and that is honestly spoken as myself)

He was a Man that did what he could at the time even though it was impossible, against all odds type of man, just because he could but also because it was what was needed at the time = someone that would go against everything and put down what is really Here and stay on it until others understood for a part anyway or even theoretically as long as he was Heard

Bernard gave the simplicity of Life as himself as common sense and that is exactly what was needed and why people were attracted to him – he said things for real, not because of some factor externally but as himself as common sense as life

The way you take it in is that it isn’t really pleasant, because we are so systemized that no matter how hard we try we don’t get it, until you give in to yourself and actually start applying what he said yourself and suddenly you understand that you don’t need Bernard but yourself standing as life as common sense for the sake of every single living thing in the universe


One Response to “My Experience with Bernard”

  1. Thanks Jorn, well said. Bernard lived and showed us everything we need, to now take responsibility for ourselves, as what is best for all.

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