Quit Smoking for the New Year?

Lots of people stop smoking with the start of the new year, I asked one of them why…
Q: Why did you stop smoking?
A: To do something good for the new year!
Q: If smoking is bad then why wait for new year to stop?
A: Well, the new year is a nice moment to start something new
Q: So if I understand this correctly, stopping earlier would still be the same year so it wouldn’t count as good since good and bad deeds are measured per exact year?
A: Hmm, I didn’t think about it like that
Q: What you did think?
A: Well, to be honest usually stopping a bad habbit is pushed forward and the new year is a nice marker to take action upon those forgotten promises to myself
Q: Okay, so without new year you would probably not even consider stoping?
A: Yes you could say that
Q: Or maybe even the reason that you are smoking still is because you ‘pretend-stop’ every year so you can in your mind smoke the rest of the year without having to think about changing for real
A: It is true that I usually don’t succeed in stopping smoking, many others fail as well on attempts to stop smoking in the new year
Q: The illusion of a ‘new year’ is linked to a ‘new you’ and the ‘you’ in this story is you as who you think your are as your thought of yourself which is either bad or good, so the only thing that happens is that you fool your ‘old you’ with your ‘new you’. In truth the ‘new you’ only has a short period of time to be ‘new’ and the short shift in perception of yourself as ‘new’ is enough to forget about your ‘old you’ which in practice means that you are back to where you started. Basically the ‘you’ is compartmentalized and called differently for that reason, the effect is that a set of behavior is just kept in play as the actual ACT isn’t considered part of the ‘new you’ picture.
A: So what’s wrong with starting with a clean slate?
Q: The consequence is that the person instead of correcting the behavior, seperates him or herself through a mental copy where the new copy has a ‘clean slate’, but its the same as giving a broken car a paintjob, now it won’t rust so quickly…

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