The World of Telecommunication

On the phone I get into contact with many people and one of the things I noticed after a while is what people do on the phone and with there phone, like throwing it down or pushing buttons on the thing to the point where I have to take my headset off to prevent permanent damage to my ears.

Over a couple of months I have improved in effectively communicating, although I have to say it has been busy like fuck. The moment I sit down to work the phone goes until the moment I go for a break. Some days like Sundays or Saturdays are sometimes more quiet.

In general I provide the service to those that experience interference of some kind of the service provided. Problems that cause this are diverse and an analyses is straight forward, but sometimes you’ve got to be smart and creative to give a real answer or at least a step towards a permanent solution, but most of all to effectively analyze and determine a cause you need to begin with the source.

For the most part it is common sense and plain as day and that is the thing, the conversations rarely are common, people come in half way way to work or in the middle of another conversation, others call with the phone that isn’t working properly, or people come in with a particular conviction, mainly that the fault is not theirs which makes it close to impossible to solve unless I manage to talk some sense into that individual.

This last part I manage to do more and more, I explain the steps of my analysis and show what is both in the interest of the client and the provider. Making this transparent and revealing the ultimate secret that everyone is equally fucked makes life not easier but at least clear in terms of fuckedness.

I have learned that the work I do or any work for that matter I have to pick up myself and become my own drive in whatever I do, motivation for anything really ultimately comes from something that I put and keep in motion myself and as I move I see myself to reflect and improve upon.


One Response to “The World of Telecommunication”

  1. Great blog, very interesting and well detailed on how it is! Thanks for sharing, Jason.

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