The current Economic System is a Rigged Game

For some time I have been working – my working activities are comprised of having conversations with clients and I get them on the phone when something is not working.

Many situations I find are strange to behold. The stuff that people use nowadays to watch digital television for example are boxes that get used for a year or so and then either break down or get replaced by a newer model.

Also the computer systems that we as workers use in general aren’t efficient. Many of the things are meant for cheap mass production and repetition. This also brings me to the point of the television business in general.

The way we access information through the point an click system or the incredibly impracticable remote on a tv is such a limitation. When you access information in windows for example you get a single field and to access another field you click again on a link to get to the other field. Besides these middle age mechanics also the information to educate yourself is simply pre-chewed food that you need to repeat to get a gradation.

To be able to learn information has to be abled to be accessed in context and conjunction with what you do. Like what you need to know actually shows itself while you do it. Again this way of education is a way of cheap mass production and repetition over actual quality and actual practical experience.

A break through in the way human beings communicate and what we use to communicate to address each other of the human race at large is the internet and this internet is some kind of accident or byproduct of one of the gruesome wars where we tried to kill each other, again.

Every race having some kind of excuse for world domination. In any case the internet is the intercommunication that transcends the boundaries of countries and nationality and has to become organized and recognized for what it really is.

The transformation of the entire human race will take everyone to be on one page with their principles, priorities and where they stand and the internet plays an important role in this to get to the common sense we all need to have as a standard to really live as one life on the planet earth.

I have had work days where I notice myself when I let myself get overrun or abused on the line – I do not allow I it anymore I clearly state it when someone frustrated and taking it out on me and I actually started to solve situations like this in an instant when I didn’t take the emotions of someone personal

People also get upset because they believe or think that a company really wants to do something for them out of the goodness of their heart or that they are special which is of course the main thing that any commercial or movie for that matter advertises.

Through leading conversations and keeping communication clear I notice my job gets easier and its also if resistance in someone isn’t addressed its really hard to communicate at all as it will be the only thing on someone’s mind like a possession. It seems from all this that the mind rather possess the body than the other way around.

That this is so has also been suggested by desteni which I see as one of the few that come up with any practical solutions to these world problems. Which is to apply self forgiveness to free self of patterns that possess and control to the extreme.

Everything that I have talked about can eventually been deduced to money as motivation is the path of suffering and damnation of life. The only thing that is needed to secure oneself in this world is money and the thing that is used to control each other is money. In effect what happens is that the human race in the current economic system is constantly at war with itself threatening the security of the larger part of the human race by allowing money to decide whether someone lives or dies.

Therefor the current system is a rigged game, not everyone can play and this has to change by means of mass-self-realization of common sense. Nothing fancy mates, just a general understanding of each other and everything around us as ourselves.

Visit the website of desteni:


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