A discussion on Equal Money

In a discussion Equal Money came up and I notice that when I introduce this subject to people the initial reaction is that it is such a radical change that it sounds impossible and idealistic.

It is so that in the current money system and within the context of the current money system an equal money system, so a system where people are not solely motivated by money, is hard to picture and impossible in fact.

An example was brought up in the form of a comparison which turned out to clear up some misunderstandings and uncover some hardcore beliefs of the human being.

The example was as follows: say you set up a business or you have a good idea for a product, a product that people benefit from or something people want. Initially in the current set up one will own the idea and company and hire people and make money eventually to expand.

Now what is actually important is that this idea for the product becomes reality, that people can use it and that it is of the best quality and use for the people as much as possible. That one makes money of the idea is expected because everything currently is motivated by money, yet the people in this chain are the ones that make it possible, that make it reality.

So isn’t it common sense that it is of the people equally? What is more important: that you get credit for the idea and make a profit or that the idea becomes reality and that it benefits all equally?

The belief that we need to make profit of it or that it has to make profit or that it needs to be rewarded in this manor is a misconception and in actuality stops the real improvement of life for all equally.

Another example of this is soccer, this sport has become a mass attraction where players are pushed to and over the limits of their bodies and huge sums of money are linked to winning the game. What is actually important is the playing itself – not one team or the other but the play itself and many can probably agree on this point.

Equal Money is a complete reverse of the current system and therefore within the boundaries of the current system impossible to coexist beside it or to picture next to it, yet when one sees how money as motivation and profit destroys actual progress then Equal Money is merely common sense and there is no choice or discussion about it for anyone since it benefits all equally

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