Greece in Need of Money again

Greece has been in the news a lot lately because of money related matters, where money is needed again by Greece.

I followed some discussions and what becomes clear is that mainly the money that is borrowed by a country goes to and through the political office and banking representatives, from here the money is directed.

People put people in power, yet within the structure called the ladder of success the more successful someone is the more money they get and to be and stay successful, someone has to ‘respect’ and play with those that are already successful which basically means those that have money already.

In effect those that are successful have money, get increasingly more money with those around them, screwing those that they don’t need to stay successful and whether the country is in debt or going to shit from their perspective does not matter, which is the perspective of the pocket. a dark hole with no perspective at all.

In the EU the different countries function as a whole and the rumors of Greece stepping out of the EU are probably nonsense as that would for Greece not solve their debt problem, in fact make them worse.

This example makes it clear that positions of power are abused, it is the reason why the debt is there in the first place and why the people eventually have to pay for deals and agreements that they did not sign up for, the only thing that is signed is the birth certificate by their parents, just like their parents did.

To debt is no end and this has become clear, yet to start from a completely clean slate is considered impossible as it is what is owed. But surely every human being will have to come to understand that it has to stop and that we all collaboratively have to create a living world and put our orthodox ways behind us.

Equal Money for All people is THE solution, not a small group of people that determines what happens to the money but a complete transformation of ownership where everything is from everybody, land is owned on the bases of work and production and money is owned on the bases of necessity.

Here we are


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