Working Common Sense

The last couple of months I have been handling phone-calls, the problems range from television to internet and telephony problems to registration and software problems to simple ‘plug in the cable’ ‘problems’.

Mainly when someone calls I ask what they are expecting or basically what they want, it sounds stupid but actually mainly that particular point within communication isn’t cleared up from the start, whether both parties want the same thing.

With regards to technical problems, they are fairly easy to discover. A process of exclusion will reveal the problem or at least make the area where the problem might be smaller.

Through some unexpected corners of support I am loosening up. I found that support from anyone is possible if permitted and that I am the only thing that prevents me from supporting me.

Thusly working is also removing blockades and dropping things that drag me down. In the long run I have found that most of life is building up some kind of personality that you break down or meet the hard way anyway to eventually eliminate it or be eliminated.

In my book that’s it, all the realizations that I have had was actually the ugly truth and it is my self in all ways and mainly letting go of a particular self-created importance towards something or someone brings self back to self, all the rest is distraction.

I found out more and more that the holding onto things as something that makes me or defines me is actually a distraction of myself within all things which is the core point and me within every situation, so that what I do is not from the starting point of the value that I have given to that but is actually me as the value that is me that is doing – as in me giving me to me in every moment.

Through making phone-calls this also becomes apparent, every conversation, every twit and every move in every moment: is it me? Am I Here?


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