An Example of Local News | How Laws are used as Obstacle

B82488283Z_1_20110_2102400jThis is a local news article from the Dutch paper in my neighborhood. Basically the news article describes how a couple of farmers are charged with the costs for the road improvement that is needed because of bigger machines the farmers have been using.


The ‘motivation’ of the policy makers is as follows: ‘you expand your business, your trucks destroy the road so you pay half’ and then: ‘new laws give us that freedom’, ‘we have made those roads as they were required at the time, only maintenance is now on our plate’

Looking at this example I notice that in many cases the ‘law’ is rather an obstacle then a guideline that supports everyone as one and equal. In this case I can’t see any common ground in terms of what the ‘farmers’ do and what the ‘government’ does. You see it is a us with our laws against them with their business.

I am not saying to support one or the other but what is the real common gain for everyone to have improved roads for trucks that do work that eventually support everyone? On the other hand the pressure on production and expansion through the money system is also not realistic as the economy and the money projected as ‘needed’ is not realistic and always more than you have, hence the constant ‘need’ for everything to make more money and ‘save’ money.

Practically what I mean is that this shows how ‘money’ is the motivation to do and how that shapes our decisions and this is allowed by everyone to continue while this doesn’t make sense in terms of what is best for everyone.


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