Communicating as Myself

Daily I talk with people, most things I convey from information databases and systems and place it in a story towards the customer, yet even when I work for a company it doesn’t mean I can really hide behind it, I work there – I speak, the setting and procedures aren’t an obstacle, how can they be? If that perceptions exists I am not starting from me in the first place and defining myself according to what is around me.

Usually I get back to such a simplistic point where I am relieved that it is really that simple and that I can stop whatever the fuck I was stuck in. As is with communication with others, a simple point of realizing I am not defined by my environment, I am Here and I speak, I do and I hear.

There are many examples of where people become their ‘title’. It is obviously a definition and tag placed by the system but it is just as well executed as ‘self’ – I mean the oath one swears in law enforcement or the medical branches is all to make sure that one becomes the role as themselves.

Something that is promised and sworn by self as self to self is not simply gone and these kind of things are done from childhood: repetition of programming. Anything that is placed by self and spoken is also the process of becoming that or remaining so. I could joke around that daddy is our early programming of eyeing adds – d add eye, if it was really a joke.

Like a detectives finds villains, both are part of a corrupt system and the laws that are put up as the walls of the system where everyone bounces off from are simply a playground and both the hero and the enemy are supporting the initial system that produces the same results every time. In this respect both are exactly as guilty /responsible.


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