Farmers don’t have to sit behind the tractor wheel anymore

The suggestion is to have tractors harvest the land controlled completely by a computer. GPS technology is already used by farmers today to make straight lines but research has show that without someone on the tractor it is more profitable and efficient while development doesn’t sit still.


This is an article out of the local Dutch news. It’s clear for one that the research is ended on what is more profitable and efficient and to a certain extend it is quite cool. But let’s say that we make everything profitable and efficient to the ultimate. Does a human go into this picture at al? I mean the most efficient really is simply stick us in a tube and feed whatever we need through some kind of liquid and then the question becomes what’s the point really in keeping these shit bags..ehr… human beings anyway?

See, I am to a certain extend for the deployment of efficient technology, its quite cool – but in the entire machine as the World aren’t we simply looking at a small part that mechanizes more to support the profit motive which causes the larger part of the human population to live under great stress? In any case it is not a justification to use efficient and profitable, only when money is the motivation but this is also in its entirety causing extreme abuse, because of the single fact that money is the motivation for everything we do.


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