It’s in the little things

Within walking my process and stopping the mind through breathing here small things like how I do something is who I am in the moment and that small thing I do will cascade into other events

Then it becomes a intertwined fuck up where the small things form a bigger thing, all things from a moment where who I am in relation to whatever I am doing, whoever I am with or whatever I interact with is not clear.

Because of this particular way of how action consequence works and how it exponentially becomes heavier, it is crucial to stop completely. Anything that I do is I am, is who I am, it is me doing it and since it is a accumulative effect who I become, who I am in this moment and who I accept and allow myself to be here is who I will become 10 fold.

One of the points I am facing is future projections, basically worrying for something ahead rather than being here and seeing who I am here as that is what is ahead.

The relationship I form with an idea, formed around a fear which springs from the idea of myself which ultimately springs from desire to be or become someone, is the shaping of who I am – within the moment I am projecting I am defining myself and sealing my future.

No longer I am going to worry about the future and see here within commonsense what is here, what has to be done and move accordingly. No more limitation of myself through thinking ahead and creating my own demise.

Anything that I place in front of me that I value is a limitation and will fall with or without me. The question is not when or how will I stop because it will, the question is: is this the beginning or the end and the moment I end it all, I can truly begin.


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