Points of Confrontation and Time-Loops

Within my process I have experienced that avoiding confrontation and exposure leads to more complexities and eventually collapse.

Whether it is something as small as how I was are actually who I was when with a client or no one in particular even more so, because it is about me and

I notice I realize immediately when I for example am not thorough or avoid or suppress myself and then I remember and I say to myself hey that’s something to look at.

I can’t rewind time but I can do it again and the next time I meet that customer or person, that particular point I can correct in the moment, by expressing speaking up or go through some uncomfortable moments because I know that it is required for the solution.

The moment where I regret or think back / remember my actions is the moment of truth, the truth of me and I remember also that these moments are moments that are often suppressed and or distracted from by self through substance abuse or other methods.

Also a solution that is forced as a solution doesn’t sit, it doesn’t stick and it is fake – for example trying to be nice or express or be helpful, no absolutely useless.

Self-correction is in two phases, firstly I admit to myself and self-honestly open up to myself and be vulnerable to be able to next time walk the change I made through opening up the program that executed the previous commands.

I have underestimated and overlooked patterns that I play out. At moments that mistakes and a chain of events starts it is because my starting point was not clear and than it will play out until another moment and also when I do not look at how this starts, I will do it again.

These moments of where I remember a particular event or action I can see one moment that I remember because it happened before, I recognize it for that reason and I can trace back the timeline to find the trigger and the belief system that casts the shadow as the events I experience.

Within this, many of the things that I end up in that I don’t understand I actually do understand when stepping back and looking at the timeline of my actions and how I got here.

And through the process of tracing back myself I step back from the system I have become and look at it and through looking at it in its totality I see my participation and also myself as the solution.

The why I feel a certain way or experience what I experience is clear and the process becomes a process of how I am going to direct myself in such a way that I am not repeating the same pattern once more.

I remember how the soul system was exactly designed like this: facing the same point life after life again.

No more, I do not accept myself to participate in my mind and judge my mind and I do not allow myself to avoid myself and suppress myself, I do not allow myself to linger in the same time-loop and I do not allow myself to force myself or create opposition and fight against my mind.

For the practical solution I have to ground myself in every moment of every breath. Keep it real, keep it physical Here through breath.

Within this I am prepared for energy patterns that run on energy and for energy systems, participation is required through the mind and through breath I stop the mind as I remain here in and as the physical as breath.


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