David Icke Debunked

Not only David Icke but Jordan Maxwell and Tsarion have been known to share experiences of supernatural or have some kind of belief that comes through in their speeches that a special heritage or some kind of deeper purpose or meaning is behind everything – it is fascinating because David Ickes book almost literally describes Alice Baileys work of the 7 rays and the ascended masters, some spins and twist might be present but as this documentary points out it is clearly in service of and promoting these ‘plans’ or ‘higher beings’ or ‘higher purpose’ all from the perspective of this hierarchy of ascension

Jordan and Tsarion and many other speakers are focused on removing some level of control ultimately they are for the ‘evolution of mankind’ or the ‘ascension of mankind’ basically to something ‘higher’ and Zeitgeist also boasts the same, where human beings are raised above everything else and even though to a certain extend the information is correct this sort of let’s call it ‘deep-rooted belief in man as something special’ makes all these talks somewhat inaccessible

I see that this point of ‘man’s ascension and/or evolution of man’ from this point of view is being portrayed also as a point of hope – a point where to look towards, and as with many speakers of the teachings of the white light construct, that is exactly the plan – to generate the aspiration within man to get high LOL

Anyway since the money system is a copy of the white light system of ascension of mind consciousness systems – it is relevant to a certain extend in understanding the money system and also thusly the practical solution as equal money and the creation of an equal money system through the current money system. So from an energy ascension system to an equal energy system

looking at this thing as the white light construct it was many levels, just like the money system has levels as knowledge platforms that speak and do their own lingo until one is ‘ready’ to ascend (through a lot of ass licking) to the next level with another pay grade and ‘more’ power

so direct practical insight within this as to how would I create a system where all have – it is equal money yes but how does that work? In a real sense when you come out of the womb you require care and in a way the adults, people that can work have to generate what is required – where money in a real sense will be something to compensate rather than to have – if there is money required one works, because it simply means that it will be required – the cool thing about money is that one liquefies the requirements and that way can disperse the work perfectly and thusly proactively work together to take care of everything which is the definition of a system.

That way the different layering and ‘more’ power will become irrelevant since there is one layer which is the life layer of taking care of, the rest is entertainment. This is the fundamental difference between the ‘ascension system’ and the ‘send and receive system’.





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