Money is the Solution

Within my research into the money system where also the summary in the latest Zeitgeist movie called ‘moving forward’ is a part of the information I have looked into.

One thing I do not understand with regards to ‘solutions’ that have been offered not only by the Zeitgeist movement but also other groups and individuals, is the solution of no money.

How can you first explain in great detail that we have decoupled the money system and money sequencing from the physical reality and then come to the conclusion that we are better of without money?

Why isn’t the problem taken head-on? Briefly I describe that problem once more: the money that we use in the current system is not coupled/linked to the actual physical reality.

So how come we aren’t looking at that particular setting: man’s agreement on the value of money – what would the money system be like if we coupled money to the physical?

To take a look at this, we couple money to the physical and to do that we couple it to the human physical body because if that isn’t don’t first then we stand again on the outside of a system that is supposed to support US.

We couple money by making the actual physical process the actual worth of the money so in the case of the human, THAT the human is MAKES it valuable and GIVES it the value it requires within the system.

So a money system coupled to the physical reality means that the money system recognizes the physical within it as the value it is.

This might sound like the most simple and stupefying solution but that is exactly what happens with these ‘highly educated’ lads, because of overthinking, the most obvious, direct and immediate solution is overlooked.

At the moment value is fluctuating and depending on external factors, meaning your value depends on your parents and where you are born or you are fucked.

That doesn’t make sense however since the human is a predictable physical process and thus the value is roughly able to be determined

In other words, the human physical body is a constant and in itself is the value system of a system that is coupled to the physical reality

It is us as a system within the physical reality recognizing the value of the physical as simply the value system

Will that mean that money becomes worthless? In reality where money is coupled to the actual physical processes money becomes the tool to keep the basic support for the physical reality in place while at the same time creating the possibility for human beings to equally enjoy freedom within the physical reality, to equally enjoy life.

Equal Money is the solution



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