Feedback and commentary on the video ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | OFFICIAL RELEASE | 2011

The start of the video is a man in suit that drops his suitcase on a busy city street like new york and stops to look at the world around him, such as barely dressed woman on big billboards being shown with money and cars and a fat man gorging himself on a terrace, all perfectly happy and surrounded by flashy images of material things made to look as attractive to have. It sketches with slow moving images the horror of ‘normal daily life’.

Biology and genetics is not deterministic when it comes to behavior, the environment is and the experiences that are experienced

Genetic diseases aren’t genetic only as we believe now, but epigenetic where addiction, anti-social behavior and particular mental disorders are switched on after being born, in childhood.

It is pointed out that stimulation of children will turn on and off genes to put them on a track of development.

Many of our believed methods of upbringing lack touch in fear of spoiling the child while within the child is instilled the memory of a cold and hard world that doesn’t give a fuck.

The example of the Dutch hunger period in the second world war is used where Holland starved for a period as food was channeled to Germany, babies in the womb adapted in such a way to be extremely careful with the intake of sugar and fat

About human birth is brought up that unlike a horse that can walk from birth, we develop in the first years outside of the womb and rely very much on these years for way we adept for the rest of our life.

Bottom line is you can’t separate the neurological functioning (how our brains operate) from the environment, .- example is used from Buddha which says: ‘all is in the one and the one is in all’ where something like a leaf can’t be seen separate from the environment as it is everything together.-

We are amply shaped by society, the capitalistic system is a system with hierarchies where we have less and less symmetrical relationships and the deal is there are less safety-nets and consequentially less altruism

We come to the question to what the nature is of human nature, the point is brought up that by nature we are selfish and that behavior that is antisocial is justified by some unalterable human nature where the reality is we have basic human needs which is the real human nature and that this ‘human nature’ that is used to hide behind as unalterable is a myth – so the distortion of human nature causes us to become these things that we assign to inherent human nature while when basic human needs as human nature are met we become quite the opposite.

Social pathology, given is we are finding ourselves in a accumulative collapse, asked is: where did this all begin

Check this out: the introduction of private right and ‘property’

For having property there are three provisos

1- ‘there must be enough left over for others’

2- ‘don’t let it spoil or be destroyed’

3- ‘Mix your labor with it’

The one thing that block this invention is the invention of money and man’s tacit agreement to put value in it

So now you don’t earn property by your own labor but instead money buys labor now, no longer there is consideration whether there is enough left over for others, there is no longer a consideration whether it spoils because money is like silver and gold; it can’t spoil and therefor it can’t be responsible for waste (LOL)

Even though this goes against that makes sense even against the logic and reason that produced it, it fits the interests(the interest here is profit) of the capital owners

This flawed reasoning is then adopted and combined with religious ideas of Adam Smith( which says (not literally but this is what happens through principles) that this system is given and is something from  ‘god’ (fascinating this means that all the consequences such as inequality, and spoiling and destruction are now a GIFT FROM GOD) and the equilibrium of economics is led ‘by and invisible hand’ so supply and demand is basically ‘naturally’ occurring by a invisibly hand (gods hand, we see again how something we come up with is stamped as naturally and given, something that we can’t control and thus gets control over us in other words the creation of a ‘god’)

Out of this, ideology springs for example where poor people are stamped as ‘race of laborers’ and the clear division of classes as some kind of natural all powerful law as if given by GOD where the conditions of inequality are thought of as ‘natural’ or god given.

This ‘free’-market capitalistic system has led to eco-genocide , the money system has become decoupled from producing anything at all and from real nature it has been separated and is thus a structure delusion and a system disorder that turns out to be fatal

The quality of life has been equated with terms such as ‘gross domestic product’, ‘inflation’, ‘consumer price index’  – but these terms do not really have anything to do with real quality of life but with the sequencing of money

The gross domestic product for example is equated to the standard of living and what GDP is measuring is the amount of services sold, so according to that logic more is better and when people pay more for healthcare it shows as positive growth and better standard of living but what is actually happening is that death and disease is stimulated because after all that is better for the economy…

What is pointed out is that there is not ‘profit’ in saving lives or solving problems, problems, crimes and sickness creates business and business is equated to profit thus that is what is created: problems, sickness, crime (and don’t forget terrorism)

Now the question is asked: how can a system that only promotes: ‘the more the better’  economize? As in preserve; avoid waste and conserve?

Economy at the moment is doing the opposite of what an economy actually should do: ‘Efficiently and Conservatively orient the materials for Production and Distribution of life supporting goods’

A system that deliberately promotes the accelerated growth of consumption is ecocide and insanity. Insanity: where you do the same thing over and over again where it clearly doesn’t work, not seeing the causal system.

The current system is thus an Anti-Economic system

It is pointed out that in the current economic system it is impossible to produce anything efficient and lasting as the principles of profit basically do not allow goods that are durable and efficient – if so it would mean that the cyclical consumption, that the current system relies on, would be disrupted as products would stay to long on the market (hence the 2 year expire date on many electronics and such)

The market is respected instead of the physical reality, where in the physical reality you rather fix, replace or update something instead of replacing it and throwing away an entire product

Thus: Efficiency, Sustainability and preservation are the enemies of our Economic System (for the obvious reason that the money system is not coupled to actual life, to actual quality or the actual physical reality)

The human condition is described as a Value System Disorder where we equate happiness with the amount of material goods we can get into our possession and how the extend of brainwashing is mindboggling when looking at the advertising and events we have connected to exchanging useless crap to acknowledge our friendship status, a belief installed in childhood through the countless media that surrounds us. (In many cases the advertising alone costs more than the actual production of the good itself)

An example is brought up about a case where the electricity was turned off when someone didn’t pay his bills and died. The speaker (an ‘economist’) said it was the responsibility of other people around the man that didn’t give money to enable him to pay his bills that was the cause of his death. So the dying of billions of people due to starvation and the withholding of basic human needs is because of not enough charity?

This concludes the delusion called the market system

Monetary system

Definition of people: ‘People in the current money system are simply vessels to create more money which is impossible on a finite planet’

Two principles exist within the Monetary System


In other words: if you pay of the debt there wouldn’t be any money at all


In other words: the money to pay back the money given isn’t existent in the money supply outright, that means that if the debt was paid not only would there be no money, there would also still be money owed that is literally impossible to pay back since the money supply creates money and there isn’t anything left to create money from


-Inflation (increase of the money supply required for the interest charged)

-Bankruptcy (collapse of debt when the interest payments become impossible to make)

-wage slaves or people with no financial mobility

A side effect is also another form of insanity which is the stock market where basically debt is sold for profit.

A fascinating easy to understand example is where we sit in a bar and we both write on a napkin an amount of money let’s say a few million dollars or euros and we exchange those, and we now both have money that doesn’t exist and we can spend it until the point comes that the system can’t handle any more of those fraudulent money claims – in the end the government has to bail us out and this principle goes on until the point of an entire planet: who is going to bail out EARTH?

The conclusion is that EARTH is going bankrupt due to an idea called DEBT we have created which doesn’t really exist in the physical reality

Market system: the waste machine

Monetary system: the debt machine

Hence creating the Monetary-Market System = Inequality

World’s richest 1% own 40% of all wealth, UN report discovers

Inequality is causing social corrosion and classism, the example of ‘stealing from the rich and giving to the poor’ also supports classism and inequality and many cases of violence and hate crimes are rooted in superiority and inferiority

Another point is that the stress alone of feeling poor and of inequality is a stressor(trigger) for self-harm, self-abuse and disease.

This part addresses the question: ‘how do we live from the bottom up?’ (project Earth)

The first thing that is stated is on a new environment we need a goal and that would be to survive and do that in an optimized, healthy, prosperous way

The basis of this civilization on the notion of that most people want to live without suffering: as supportive and sustainable for human life as possible taking into account the material needs of all the worlds people while trying to remove anything that could hurt us in the long run

Then they address the method to be used by this civilization: science is picked for it is ‘has not ego’ and everything it suggests accepts the possibility of being proven wrong eventually, it holds on to nothing and evolves constantly

With the basic goal to: Live Well and using scientific method to do so the process is started of ‘construction’


o So to start a survey is suggested of the entire planets resources so a process of locating and identifying

o Also calculating of the environments replenishment rate and human consumption rate, it is being called Dynamic Equilibrium

o Create a Global Resource Management System using System Theory to account for every relevant resource on the planet


o Research to what to use and strategize what and where to use considering the environment, it’s called here Negative Retroactions

o Strategic preservation, safety and efficiency void of human bias programmed into a computer which forms a Global Production Management System


o Proximity strategy, where transportation of goods is avoided as much as possible

o Survey of Demand and a Demand and Distribution Tracking System (already exists as barcodes)

o Reassessment of ownership where the focus is on the utility of the good which does not require ownership it will be replaced by strategic access

This entire system is called ‘’RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY

This is defined as ‘the scientific method applied to social concern’

Nature is a Dictatorship

‘A resource based economy is nothing more than a set of proven, life-supporting understandings where all decision are based upon optimized human and environmental sustainability’

‘Cities are a defining aspect of civilization where the needs and social interaction or brought together and enhanced’

So the design of a city is discussed. A city is envisioned in the shape of a circle with efficient technology  such as driverless cars vertical plant growing facilities with soilless techniques that diminish the use of pesticides – besides these example we talk about the most cutting edge technology use we can think of and beyond, such as house construction by the use of contour crafting (3d printing) which brings us to the point of MECHANIZATION

Mechanization in this city is accepted for what it has to offer and not resisted as we do today, 75% of the work in this RBE(resource based economy) will be mechanized. The argument is that mechanization offers efficiency and sustainability therefore it is irresponsible to deny these in our civilization.

The perspective on behavior is quite clear, where myths such as ‘free choice’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘opinions’ are recognized as products and programming from society and the environment, so is most of human behavior and therefore it is the environment and society that produces behavior and ‘individuals’

‘Resetting the entire system to the life-ground so that the life-ground is no-longer any ‘ism’ by a life value analysis.’

An interesting point that is brought up is the ‘projection of dualism’ where we tend to create opposites of belief that are part of the same thing, such as Satanism and Christianity, or atheism and the belief in god or two opposing political parties that have opposite values (how can that be of the same human race? And how is it not obvious that politics is not representing what is best for all but only representing a small group with personal interests)

Also a point is that every time in society when ‘freedom’ or ‘growth’ or any ‘positive’ terms are used, it is meant as something that is in favor of a small group of money owners and how to generate more money and get more profit, where being against a free market means you are against freedom itself – but this point is definitely valid as such things (positive affirmations) are in direct relation to whether it stimulates more money turn over or not

The belief that the government is actually for life or supporting everyone is pointed out to be widely believed and clearly not so,

-‘The deadliest form of violence is poverty’ – Gandhi

Poverty has killed more than any form of violence and is structural violence and it is not only the main killer but also the main cause of violent behavior.

Oil and fossil fuel: There are 10 calories of oil/gas in every calorie of food we consume (!) in the industrialized world (all plastic is also oil) – oil is everywhere, omnipotent in human civilization. The world is now using 6 barrels of oil for every 1 barrel it finds and five years ago it was 4 barrels of oil per every barrel it finds.

In general no solution at all is offered by anyone really or when someone does is not listed to or denied, silenced or ignored. Some things are done such as wind energy poles or some solar investment but nothing really of a revolution of any kind what so ever, the only thing that is being done is that consumption is stimulated so the economy can go on that as now extensively explained hold no future what so ever, in fact quite the opposite.

This concludes my extract of this documentary

Jorn Hardus

My perspective is that the entire approach of human behavior and how we have created the money system as god is quite well explained and easy to understand, it makes sense and is relevant information for understanding the world as it is today. The vision of a new civilization I find on the other hand too fictional and unrealistic, too fantastic and detached, too much focused on technology and also going against their own objection of us having become detached from nature itself. I do not agree with cities and high technology, nor am I saying we should go back to the stone age but we are of earth and I want to live on earth and be able to work with earth and install a value system where at the very least we re-install basic interaction with nature, with the environment.

Off course technology is useful but honoring Life isn’t creating some kind of high tech cities, to some extend yes but to another extend no, not concentrated hubs of abundance, I see communal living where on local levels a real connection is made with the environment and even though some things might become automated and efficient and durable and using computers and machines, we also become connected with the environment once more, working in it and with the environment as myself, that is living, being life, supporting life, giving life.

Anyway technology is to assist and is an extension but in some way ‘more’ than nature. A crucial point that I consider as primal is the equality of everything, consideration of everything as one and equal and in that way I want the children of the future to realize themselves, from the smallest to the biggest realizing self in every way possible, equal and one and live life accordingly equal and one as everything that exists. technology has a role herein but a supportive role to that end: to Live Life Equally Here as the physical.



One Response to “Feedback and commentary on the video ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | OFFICIAL RELEASE | 2011”

  1. Good review!

    The Earth has about 6,8 billion people living on it. At this point 1 billion is starving. World oil production peaked at 86 million barrels a day, and over the next 10 years it will shrink to ~62 million barrels a day. 10 calories of hydrocarbons per calorie of food in the industrialized world.
    – This sets up for a serious clash, and we have to use new advents of science and technology to ease the pain of the transition to a new energy infrastructure. We will also have to sustain a large population on a planet with finite resources. The footprint that we leave after us must be as small as possible, so that future generations could also have a decent standard of living. We need technology to do this, no question about it.

    The day a man picked up a stone to crush a coconut he invented technology, manipulating his environment to fulfill his needs. Don’t misunderstand; we need to understand our connection with nature – we are nature. And own integrity is not better than the integrity of the world around us.

    The film argues that people will act aberrantly if they don’t have their needs met. Technology can enable an abundance of material goods to the people with a small footprint on the environment. We must also use technology to clean up all the mess and garbage that modern civilization have left behind.

    Of course, it is important to analyze the effect of the technology we use, for example oil is harmful for the environment.

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