Blog on ‘Morality’

My job is having conversations within a set context meaning where there are preprogrammed ‘rules’ that I communicate in. I had some resistances when I started this line of work that have started to clear up. I realized that who I am in whatever I do is not depended on my work and removed some reactions I experienced energetically in certain conversations. Reactions and frictions in particular with regards to portraying myself to be in some way in control, while I am not and basically making it hard on myself that way.

I recognize this again this point of being in a system that works in one particular way and where rebelling against the system simply gets you fucked and the other thing is also true where being extra loyal or nice is not useful either. I remain here and walk within the system to support myself in the system of money. I calculated what comes in and goes out and so I simply apply myself that way. I see that I was holding onto a ‘moral’ ground of feeling some way about what I do in a sense of right and wrong instead of practical consideration.

Within practical consideration of the facts there is nothing to think about, only to do. Within a moral judgment system I weigh my actions against my value system and make myself depended on what I do. Frustrations and anger that I have been exploring also spring from taking a moral ground in any way whatsoever. And a moral ground is literally created in an instant with a single judgment that functions like a node for all other judgments and become an energetic possession. No more of this shit, I am here and what is here is what I work with.

Its interesting to see how this point arises from actually being confronted while working in a system, where through my reaction it becomes a personal involvement and from here it become a possession which is self created. Any of the energetic reactions against or within the system I am interacting with is actually me feeding the system by my thoughts feelings and emotions by participation. I am the only obstruction as my ‘personal’ motivation. Self motivation as me doesn’t require something in particular.


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