Desteni Message is for Everyone, ALL Time Offer

What I have experienced myself and walked through my personality designs and energy designs that are systems that can’t be seen but I definitely experience them, through pain, stress, reactions energetically. This field is something that is completely ignored, the only field that should be taking on the mind is psychology, yet this practice feeds systems drugs and only looks at some brain chemistry and activity – this is all we have, psychology for the mind research and how we operate – BUT no more Desteni brings a complete package of supporting yourself and identifying your mind design and how it is a strain on your body and causing experiences to reoccur through systems that have integrated in the body, what once before was only vague guesswork is now verifiable by self and can be taken on by self as self created the mind.

My own experience is that since many of the things that I react to emotionally or that I have associations with I experience in some way and often I am not aware of that I am actually drawn to something simply because of a value system that I have installed within myself. Feedback on these points is required as it is very difficult to see that which you are experiencing as one becomes subject to the experience as a feeling or an emotion. Within this not only does it become clear what the mind is and how it works but also how to deprogram systems and release self from preprogrammed design through the tools offered by Desteni. If that is not enough Desteni also offers an explanation for everything from the same basic, simple to understand principles of oneness and equality – Terminology like Demon possession and other words are explained and redefined and the information offered makes sense in context with our current condition and is relevant in the process of realizing Self.

Desteni is definitely something to check out and investigate. Within my life I have searched for answers to simple questions that are not answered in society, in daily life, like what is daily life and how come we live like this and where do we come from and how are we created. I have sought complex answers to the nature of current events and how we are so fucked up all together on this planet, from alien intervention to black magic I have looked at all answers and found that within this search I missed myself as the main factor and creator of reality. Within understanding myself and how I work it becomes clear that the Human is the alien and the only real change is if I change and realize that what is happening and what is here is me and that to make a real change we have to face what we have become and deprogram ourselves of systems that destroy Life and realize ourselves as Life as what we really are.

Come Join us and Stand for ALL Life



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