The System and Behavior

A discussion about the system made me go into this point as the statement was made: we have to change our conduct, not the system

The system, as everything that works together as a whole wherein all the parts are equally responsibly for the whole, it is already here, it has manifested and is the manifested consequence of our actions, action is also driven by thought and who and what we believe we are = what we act out.

To change the system is like saying that it is something separate from self, so it can’t work – the starting point is not self. To change our conduct or how we behave, so our relationships has for the most part to do with how I behave towards myself.

Relationships I have formed upon limitations that I and the other party accept. To change conduct or how we treat each other is effectively by changing ourselves, since just like the system we can’t change the other, only self as the other.

So changing conduct between people also comes to changing self and will eventually lead to a new system through the collapse of this one. Looking at it like this the system is us manifested as the systems we  are within and by looking at what has manifested we give ourselves the opportunity realize ourselves as one and equal with all that exists.

What we have manifested as is before our eyes and the arrangement in the system is simply put that life is sacrificed for energy, suffering is allowed in order for some to have more energy. The system we have manifested is a power structure, just like heaven a layered system where you ascend by stealing energy from others, because if you look at it where is energy/money coming from?

It has to come from somewhere else, someone else has to pay for you since the day you were born. How can a system layered like this change? To look at how it works, mainly it rests on the common man, people that work for the big companies that do not reap the benefits that the owners and shareholders get. For the system to change it is required that the common man stops or at least channels money/energy to a system that gives back and is supportive of the community they are in.

In other words, when you invest money within a community that you are part of and become owner as the community of that which you need than the benefactor is ALL, ALL the TIME.

This is my perspective on the system as it exist today and HOW we as the system change to an Equal Money System


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