Who Would I Be?

One of the things I have set up now is a job and I ask myself: what would I be doing when I do not have to compromise myself to make money to survive?


Who would I be without money determining my life?

One of the things I have enjoyed immensely in my life is exploring, whether it is exploring myself through painting or making music or playing with sound or exploring through going new places but also within movement, the exploration of myself through movement and I would like others to be able to explore themselves and be able to have the same opportunities and also to explore with others – being in a world or exploring while everyone is in the opportunity to do so.

Within writing this, I also realize that besides exploring which would go on one way or another I would like to deploy myself, I would like to give myself and be a part within the whole that functions according to giving and receiving – I would like to become a support for everything that is here and I would like for others to have the opportunity to deploy themselves and to recognize my neighbor in this so we can work together as we utilize the same principle of giving and receiving.

And besides exploration and deploying myself I would like to express myself, to share myself and show myself and I would like for others to have this opportunity and recognize others expressing themselves as myself


For this to be possible for everyone there has to be support for everyone already, which is deployment of those that realize they are the whole and are functioning as the giving and receiving part of this system, this is the equal money system and equal labor system a system based on the principle of oneness and equality. These are the rocks in the river.

Than there is youngsters that ought to be able to explore, express and develop themselves and support each other in this process – it is a process of forming and smoothing out through experience, experimentation and expression.

Within everything education and expression are closely linked, as in nature where expression plays a major role in communication, through expression we recognize, we experiment and explore. Expression is the water in the river that is everyone and through which we become everything as ourselves, as one and equal.




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