Criminal Origins

Within a couple of months I have been searching and trying and failing at building a life for myself, at first my main concern was making an income, I picked up a study – but it wasn’t the study that I initially wanted and rushed to quickly in getting it done, I managed to reverse that and get a job.

Now that my financial situation is settled I can focus on designing my life in such a way to develop myself besides sustaining myself. I signed up for a quick course to educate myself within this system within the subject of law.

I have watched a few television series that I found interesting such as criminal minds where a team of profilers profile killers – within profiling of a certain personality in order to track and stop him/her(usually him) they ask the question ‘why’, a question of motive, the pattern is a causality system, a movement of events that are driven by motive, devised and justified in the mind and executed on targets as a ritual to ‘treat’ themselves.

Simply the fact that human beings do let the mind take control and subject to these formed definitions makes the human being quite an evil device. A device because it is able to be understood and evil because it is against life, not in favor of life but drains it instead, merely to serve a desire.

Within such a television series as criminal minds it becomes apparent how a mind works through portraying it in detail, usually the real criminals that stay behind the curtain is family from where every pattern is born.


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