Got a Problem?

The last couple of months I have been working at a help-desk. It is basically diagnosing problems. Within this line of work you get to talk to quite a few people during a regular day. In general people lie, they do not really want to solve their internet problem but rather play a victim that has been struck by a monster under the bed that almost always magically disappears when looking under the bed, almost always, because often it is the evil  twin personality of the person that had caused the disturbance and hid from view to maintain composure and sometimes the monster is exposed.

It might sound strange but it is not far from the truth, people that call to a helpdesk don’t really want their problem solved and not in any case will admit that they don’t know what is wrong and are expecting God himself to come down to plug em in again(maybe take their monster too). In almost any case the one that calls with the problem is convinced what causes the problem, which is almost in all cases… something else.

Obviously if you think the problem is your own fault, any problem for that matter, usually we don’t call for help,  since we caused it we can solve it. Now I am talking in general, we are usually not calling for help if we have a problem of our own by our own, because we feel responsible for the cause. If in any case one knows how a problem is created, in many cases it can be solved by reversing the steps. If we don’t know how we have created a problem then we usually take it as not our fault because we didn’t know and we tend to blame it as rather something else that cause it first, instead of something we don’t know.

This is a reasoning that is based on the premise that you have to know something to be responsible for the outcome. Isn’t that fascinating, that means according to that logic one is innocent as long as you don’t know. It is like there is something else inside that first has to be informed before you yourself can be responsible for anything. It is like the Adam and Eve story, as soon as they ‘knew’ they were naked, they felt guilty and judged (themselves).

To diagnose properly, you can’t work on the bases of being nice or wanting to help someone(because you can’t always help someone, because what someone defines as being helped isn’t always the same as solving the problem). With Common sense one solves the problem. What is in the way to solve problems is not the problems but is ourselves. Human beings are not effective at practically solving problems, because of feelings and emotions that are not contributing to a solution.

Officially one of the things when helping people, well actually fixing problems which might help people or not, is to show empathy towards a someone in distress. Someone that is angry or disappointed has to be confirmed, like: ‘I understand’ or ‘I am sorry’  – this is a common communication standard, to show empathy even if you don’t give a shit. A problem that is technical in nature, so real in terms of what is possible physically, isn’t the same as the problem of a client that calls about a problem which experiences a problem because of a technical problem (sometimes not technical) and often when emotion come into play the solution can’t be solved because an additional problem has been created which is an energetic reaction to a technical(completely innocent) problem

When now looking for this thinking mechanism in context of the world at large, we see that some people even though we would define it as having a problem, live on suffering, not solving the problem because they haven’t defined it as something to solve, but as what it is and that countries that don’t have problems of their own, don’t see general problems not as ‘their’ problem, therefore not a problem.

Nature doesn’t have a problem not for long anyway, obstructions, riddles and mix ups do happen but transform to dust in time, if for example a human comes a long that can create problems out of nothing, the same will happen to the human, they will turn to dust as if they were never here. The human race has the amazing trait to maintain problems they can solve. To name a few is for example:

– We created a ‘living’-system that doesn’t support all life equally(what fucker continues like that, how the hell will that compensate other than death?)

-We produce waste faster than we can process(we practically shit in our own water supply),

-We force many to suffer(we created an ingenious system to threaten each others survival which resulted in a large group at the bottom of society that is poor and doesn’t have anything which scares the human beings in the middle of society, that have a relatively ‘normal’ life, just enough to work all their life’s merely to survive while they are being lured by the few rich people at the top of society which are in the picture and form the models where the lower classes aspire towards, main motivator of our entire system: fear of survival)

Do we maintain problems because of the premise that devine intervention will solve our problems? It is safe to say that human beings aren’t going to do anything either since the experience of different beings isn’t the same and the few that do not have a problem are maintaining the problem of others and at the same time only look selectively at the world to be able to claim they do not know and are therefore innocent.

No more of this crooked shit please, we human beings are the problem and we haven’t begun to become the living solution and that is however the circumstances what we have to become: a solution to the human race as problem in general. We are a problem in terms of life, we are obstructing life as a race and to stand for life is to stand as the living solution as life for life. At the very least we can for ourselves admit that we are the problem and make a step towards a solution that is for all to live equally. In the end everything is solved, but we can determine whether that end includes us or whether we let nature take its course – because nature doesn’t have a problem, not for long anyway.


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