Love or No

Love is thought by many people as what is important in life, but we only love each other under certain conditions namely when we feel a special connection, we love some people more than others and we eventually say that Love is all that is important, if this was not the case then what is left is often asked. What is left is the evident fact for all to see that most aren’t really loved and can go fuck themselves.

We generally form relationships from the premise that we are not whole, that we are not complete and that we lack something. With that assumption we form a bond and we feel ‘love’, but within this we have limited our self expression to that which we love and not express. The bond we make is from the starting point of a perceived ‘lack’. When hearing my parents and in general in western society, what people want it is to be loved . A ‘lack’ is perceived that someone or something has to fill.

So what is the consequence of love if the love is only a perceived lack and subjection to a limited self definition? Firstly we involve others with our self accepted and allowed limitations and that as long as we love each other, it is all right. Because that connection is made both accept themselves as less then who they really are and if many people do this together then we get an entire society that throws love around as a way of justifying our self accepted and allowed limitation.

Now why would we do that? Are we crazy? Well to actually change is in the initial phase, so the first step, painful. Change how? To take a real look at what it is that is perceived to be lacking or in other words what is longed for. When looking at where it comes from we feel like we are defeating ourselves since looking at the origin of a desire is the opposite of a desire, it repels. Often memories that have not been processed properly or events that had an impact to such a degree that it started a motion from within that will influence a person throughout their entire life.

At a certain stage we cannot stop what has been put in motion and one has to walk through the point that has instigated the motion. How is looking at our origin of ones design so difficult? Because merely looking back at how and thus end up at where something started requires to completely stop the current way of thinking and find a way to look back at how ‘I’ came about. find a way is for example writing, because at the moment of writing or speaking, you speak or write as the design and through that process the information is accessed and pulled out and actually put to the test.

Simply writing out an event might solve complications already as sometimes only saying what is on ones mind or what has been created already releases information that was locked away. For example an event that brought about anger or sadness and writing about that event, will release information that is not only related to that particular event but also similar events that brought about sadness and then in particular what in this specific event triggered an emotion.

These emotions or events that one reacts to are often the moments where either one stops the participation and see through ones own design or continues to follow the same movement and ends up another time in a similar situation. Obviously we human beings have these patterns and we can recognize patterns of each other, yet the love that we have defined as accepting each other and respecting each other and forming special relationships and regards to particular individuals is a system of suffering as we through loving each other keep operating in the same way, do not really support each other as who we really are, accepting each other as less then who we really are and so the result is that two people who love each other keep suffering together.

Through love it is as if one invests self into another person by projecting self into another. Love has been described as being each others mirror – but what is the point of a mirror when you don’t recognize yourself?


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