The World is a Pacemaker

The training for technical support for customers with cable products has started and rolls on. Looking at the technological developments in the Television world I will create here a simplified picture of how it works to be able to lay it against how we human beings work and to illustrate that we are painting ourselves, but still are not the painting itself.

Television is transmitted through a cable, it is nothing more or less than a signal, a pulse send through a cable that comes out on the other end through the television the way it was intended. The signal that is send over a cable is much the same as the principle of electricity, actually the signal for television is programmed on an electricity circuit. So the signal is transported through with electricity that is send through a cable.

Light images are translated into electrical pulses that are in its turn translated into light again. The different frequencies are used as channels so there are with channels programmed on different frequencies. So the only thing that happens is that on a electrical circuit, information is encoded.

in its basic form we can say that analogue signaling is nothing more or less than communicating or transferring information with electrical pulses. Even if you could not understand anything that has been written so far than this summary is all there is to know to understand the progression of this text

The development in the field of transferring information is because of digital technology. Digital interpretation of information is by creating a counting system for the information, the encoded information that is still transported through an electrical circuit is encoded and decoded by use of a digital method, so the way the information is encoded and decoded is digital, but in essence nothing changed with regards to the electrical pulse that is send to transfer information only the electrical signal can be used more efficiently.

In its most basic form we are interpreting electrical pulses. This technology is being used so widely and has made it possible for any communication that we do distantly to exist, simply the uses of electrical waves to carry information. After the more complicated explanation this might be more easy to understand now. Anything we do from banking to ordering products, buying products, chatting, telephony, television, internet, all these activities are through electrical pulsing, it is what defines our activity and it is what defines our technologically advanced society for as far as you can call it that, because really it isn’t that advanced.

Though the analogy of communication technology and human interaction is here, we have set up a system where we are within this sea of electrical currents points that send and receive information, we are fed by information as it were as the electrical currents and also our money remains almost entirely if not entirely digital, it remains only a piece of information. The entire system of communication and television can also work perfectly for all beings and it is simply common sense that all beings on this planet have to be able to access the same pool that everyone is connected to and also that everyone should be equally treated as a participant in this circuit, the only reason why this is not so is because of where we come from, the past where we come from is inequality, monarchies and ways to physically keep order.

No we do not need landlords and kings and queens anymore, but it is still so, call it abusive behavior from the past that is still being lived. What I see as a citizen of the World is that people do see that we all deserve the same and that we have to live together as equals, this is already something that everyone can see, now it is only the old structure of monarchies and one man ruling that has been accepted from the past to be taken on, the way we live is out of force of habit.


One Response to “The World is a Pacemaker”

  1. Valentin Rozman Says:

    Thanks Jorn for the interesting communication technology lesson!

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