The Weight of the World

Humans are evidently collecting something for another being, call it God, Lord, Aliens – doesn’t matter – the fact is: we do – we trade our lives to accumulate stuff for reasons unknown to us…

The Lord as described in the bible was, if anything, nothing more than a boss; someone or something or whatever that had one desire and that is profit and we are merely tools for that end – it is evident that everything that has been set up is done by a skilled commander, rules and principles to maintain social order and to stay in control.

It hasn’t been a goal to create a race that was to live on its own and support itself. Interesting perspective is to place us as that master race that is getting lazy and starts to develop methods to be served, to become god, what does that in itself imply? The act of creating something that will serve you so that you do not have to do, to create yourself, so that you can merely sit and watch.

What is the point, except for power, what is the point of not doing everything yourself?
What is the point of becoming a God? A being that is served?

Is it an inherent belief of man in general that we need a symbolic head? a God? Do we believe that we need god? What does that imply? What does the belief that we need a god imply? Isn’t it implying that we aren’t good enough? Isn’t it implying we are not sure who we are without someone else telling us or representing us? Does this imply that we belief that we are empty shells that need to serve something else to exist? Is our existence based upon doing whatever it is we are given to do?

So that implies we have given away our responsibility of creation and are serving whatever is created, because of the belief that we need a god and that whatever is created is what we need to serve and accept as more than us because we belief we are not good enough and thus are subject to whatever is created and do not take responsibility for anything unless some intervention occurs which obviously we are busy creating for ourselves and that is that our creation will force ourselves to take responsibility simply through threatening our very existence and our place within creation.

Can God create a stone that he cannot lift?


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