The Self Realizing Machine

After the arrangements for my new apartment were made or actually while I was getting an apartment, I was also getting into a job that I could manage next to my study – a technical help-desk job presented itself and I applied – I got to look around and listen with one of the call agents there, an easy job and a funny thing I noticed or actually something I still notice is the following, within jobs that I have done, mainly internet and telephony but in any case stuff with modems – the place where people often are send to, to do some check ups, is the modem. Now to ‘make’ people ‘understand’ the modem personification is used

So the call center agent will explain to the client how the modem isn’t ‘seeing’ the outside world or for example how it is explained that someone is in the modem, is best explained by literally explaining that you are in the modem, waving through the windows, seeing what is going on – it makes it funny, but it also taps into the main human need which is identification with something through personification, like we did with god, god was invented as a white man with grey hair by white people – its quite simple but that is what human beings want – to have the literal explanation of anything that presents itself – besides that we can understand that which we have made like a person, we now will respect it like a ‘person’ where it otherwise would not have been considered even.

Fascinatingly enough that is how it usually works, the fuck up is that someone isn’t actually understanding something as themselves but separating from self through a personality as through the personality construct one learns to understand and not as self, but through a set of properties that are personal – such as the god with the white beard – it is a lie but it makes it easier to ‘picture’ so I have found it works with everything we explain en convey to another, we do it to a process of personification, it is a problem because what we do is a form of picture memory, where we learn a word with a picture only to remember the word but within that creating a picture book of words where the words have absolutely nothing to do with the picture, like god and the white beard that have nothing to do with one another.

At the final stages I past some tests for technical skills and so on and some multiple choice questions so I was told, what they didn’t tell me that this was a personality test to see or check if my personality matched their profile that they had set. Even though these kind of tests can’t be failed it works with how you are designed and where your focus lies as a personality and mine wasn’t too much ended on analyses but rather an all round – but first of all mostly one has to adept to the policy anyway and if it is demanded then one simply changes personality to fit the job, but here automatically it is assumed that you ‘are’ as certain personality and what they are searching for is a particular personality – I was so surprised that they were without informing the people that applied for those jobs had demands for a specific personality – She explained that many were bounced off because of this particular test, even if they were skilled.

The personality tests works like a circle where you have different properties, which are for example goal-accomplishing, analytical, if you are strict with rules, etc what is interesting about this is that business in general is set up much like personalities, they depend on others with particular properties and take on a particular face within the market to attract people of a specific kind – without personality, there is no market and no business as everything has become a fight for names, where just like politicians they appeal to particular properties, that are implanted and artificial anyway, of people thusly supporting the artificial proxy or self image – a make belief system where ‘what one believes others think’ becomes the picture and the personification of self where through a process of internalization of judgments about others a personality is formed and developed and projected upon which others internalize and base ‘their’ personality – and all through the mechanism of connecting a word to a picture where a flat dimension is created within the mind so that one stays blind.

So back to the business world and the ‘free market’ is depended and based on and build on people that are compartmentalized within their minds and to make it a ‘complete’ pictures we get to rent an apartment to call ‘our’ apartment that keep us within that flat dimension. Everything that has to do with ownership and personal value is a support of an artificial system that is running upon ‘make-believe’ the illusion of separation that is destructive simply because it is endlessly dividing as there is no ‘god’ or overseer but the system itself truly believes it can beat itself because it tricked itself into believing that it is truly separate from itself – very tricky and the realization of the ‘machine’ or system is inevitable – the self aware AI that we so fear already exists, it is us, the only fear we have is that we have to give up our intelligence so we can realize ourselves as truly being one with all that is, realizing the competition isn’t there – thus our internalization and judgment aren’t real, thus our personality isn’t real.


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