Is Energy Accounting Equal Money?

This is a document exploring the simularities and differences between the equal money system proposed by desteni and the energy accounting system proposed by the european organization for sustainability. So I am anwsering the question: is the Energy accounting system of the European Organisation for Sustainability the same as the Equal Money system proposed by Desteni Productions?

Economics of the EOS is the energy accounting. Science is applied on distribution and accounting of recourses – the money doesn’t circulate but instead is assigned and expires when they are off the track that they were assigned for.

The system they call energy accounting as it accounts for resources through a system that is measurable, a value system based on supply and demand. What is not addressed though is people within this system and what is being accounted exactly like the priority because virtually nothing changes if you only change the accounting system and do not consider Life Equal to Money meaning Life is supported as the core principle of the economic system, so the principle the system will support is not clear.

The accounting and distributing of resources is still counting whether it is called credits, money or energy – it is measurable and can be calculated precisly so what you have to pay for what you need is a price that is to account for what had to be invested to create that particular service or product. Then the Equal Money System is a system that accredits you with money that you need to live so that you as a living being are accounted for within the system and the discussion is than not so much how it technically will work because that is equations that has to be done with the people and resources at hand, but in the end it is the principle of equality where everything is set up to support Life so that money is equal to Life.

Politics stated by the EOS is that wrongly applied technology is the cause of problems of humanity but here the more fundamental problem is not addressed: human beings themselves and what principles they live – It is also said that politicians are not focused on the interests of people but rather their own interest such as money and power, but within the Equal Money System the interest of a politician must be the same as that of every human being and the position of being a politician should not be allowed to give you more power or power in a duration of time, so a solution to power accumulation within particular positions is to not allow people to stay in one position.

A politician should be trained to stand for all beings and make decisions that are best for all beings and thus it then wouldn’t matter who is in charge at a particular time and who is in power should not make the difference to how the country is run or what decisions are made. The governing becomes then a more administrative job where every other person that is thought how the system works will do the same and that it is not in the hands of a person or a group how the system will be run because the entire equal money system is based on the principle of what is best for all supporting Life equally.

Technology according to EOS: ‘that will require less human labor to support the ‘high standard’ living for all humans’ – this quotation from their site, does not include all Life? it says humans alone wanting to maintain a ‘high’ standard and as explained before the focus is not so much high or low but a dignified Life equally for all. The questions with regards to technology I ask myself is: – What technology supports all Life equally and can be utilized by all and / or where all benifit from? How can we do it in a direct simple way without resorting to a unnecessary ‘exotic’ solutions merely to have to do less or maintain a ‘high’ standard?

Also the ‘right’ application of technology is thus to support what is best for all instead of clusters of human beings with advanced technology while the rest suffer, that would be the ‘wrong’ application of technology. Common sensically the focus of the equal money system is to create a system where all can have a dignified Life so the ‘standard’ that we want, that we all want as each other is simply that all can live and do not have to struggle to survive, let us focus on that first as a group.

Motivation is an essential part that has to be addressed within the current money system. Now that is money within the current system – thus the question is: how would the current system work if money is not the motivator? No technology or ideology involved within these basic questions – Merely looking practically at the current system and see what makes sense and how it works as is and where that does not support Life Equally for All.

I read on te site of EOS about motivation and that it is not money itself that motivates people to work but what people can buy with it which is a valid point, because we are looking at a system and how money is used therin so it is through money that we are under pressure and that is mainly because people themselves live in imaginary worlds that are fueled and supported but the current money system and are without being aware of it supporting an abusive system, a system that abuses Life and is based on lies and deception.

Obviously it is not sustainable so it is a valid point made and here again emphesized that we are talking about the money system that has to be reacreated to support Life where the value of money is Equal to Life. So money is currently the motivator? yes because even though many people want to do something else or are not happy with their life or happy with their life for that matter is due to money, simply remove money as motivation entirely from the picture and many jobs and professions would immidiately dissapear as their are specifically focused on profit.

Transition plan the transition plan of EOS is simple and practical where companies bring in money neccesarry to set up a circle of non-profit organisations that use the energy accounting system.

Questions I have about this is: how will the money that flows in through the companies be invested? What is it they want to develop and does that development or research benefit all beings or is it to reach a ‘higher’ standard, a way to do less without any obvious reason? What their priorities are and what principles their system supports is not clear.

Desteni makes it clear we have to make a change as human beings, as ourselves by using the tools as explained by Desteni and is training people to stand as equals so that all can see the same in terms of how the current system works and that it is a manifestation of ourself, of what we have accepted and allowed within ourself and thusly have to take on within ourself and through that process of self realization we can see the world for what it really is and what we have become and how we have to physically realign ourself to facilitate the change necessary for Life to emerge from the physical.

As far as the Energy Accounting is described it supports rather a closed group that wants to maintain a ‘high’ standard of living instead of focussing on equal support for all beings. Desteni Productions is running the Structural Resonance Alignment (SRA) Program to make people aware of themselves and each other as them self and thusly will be part of the creation of the equal money system – the basic principle to support everyone equally as Life is what the equal money system supports and the developement and research is to support the basic principle of Equality as Life within all aspects of the Equal Money System, the research and the development – also the material provided by desteni productions for free is for people to realize themselves as each other and to become aware of what has been accepted and allowed within and what the practical solutions are and what it is we have to do for ourselves as ourselves and finally how to physically align ourselves to become the living solution as Life.

So taking what has been shared into consideration, accounting alone for resources is not enough to describe what Equal Money is since Equal money is a system of Life Support where accounting is a part of a system that supports Life but on itself merely a technicality that means nothing if it is not working in the context of Equal Life for All.

Another can of worms not yet opened is the direction of EOS and what their aims are, because the word ‘civilization’ is used so is ‘sustainability’ and the word ‘science’. The way of looking at the current world system and saying that it is not sustainable is one thing but even if it was sustainable it is not Acceptable because we abuse Life and some have more than others, it is not even about fair or not fair, it is about what we have accepted and allowed and if we as a race will take responsibility for ourselves not from a starting point of morality but from the starting point of common sense, the common sense that is really common sense and applies to everyone so what we have in common and what we all touch.

Because what meaning does civilization have or science when we cannot Enjoy it Equally? What is the point of creating a sustainable system when some get more than others or some have to sacrifice more than others to make it so?

Written by Jorn Vince Hardus
23 September 2010


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