Redefining Common Sense AS ACCEPTABLE FOR ALL

In this article I am exploring existing definitions of common sense defined by the system and re-defining common sense to be valid for all and livable by all, this is the principle of oneness and equality, considering what is best for all and coming up with solutions for problems that take everything that is HERE into consideration.


Logic is what is used by systems as a one system. Logic is a system that counts whether what is presented fits his or her personal point of view. What is considered in logic is the interest of the individual as what is best for the design of that particular person. Logic is the system itself which has knowledge of itself as a system and uses the surroundings to improve itself and expand the design already in place, disregarding anything that is not in the interest of him or herself. It is the computer function to manage itself according to the input that functions according to its programming and sees itself as apart from everything else and will do anything to survive in spite of the consequences. So In a logic system one counts what is best for one and not for all as one and equal.

I picked some definitions that exist already of common sense as how it is defined in the system and redefine the existent definition to be acceptable for all within the principle of oneness and equality, while showing how definitions that exist are unacceptable.

Compact Oxford English Dictionary on common sense
* Definition: “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters”

A “good” sense is a sense based on an opinion or a believe system, specifically a morality system that distinguishes between what is good and what is not which is based on believes and perceptions. “Sound judgment” is judgment that is fixated by broad acceptance and solid not sound as `whole´. So the words sound combined with judgment is what is accepted by the many to be acceptable, but not by all. The many people accepting the same judgment create and support a believe system of “good sense”. The “good sense” is not common sense but accepted and allowed believes of what is common and acceptable. Redefining common sense I do as follows: I see here as self as one and equal and realize that who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and that what we believe to be who we are as definitions of ourselves according to what we do, where we come from, where we grew up, who we are with, is not who we really are. We are one and equal as life and we are not definitions, culture, religion or any of our self created ideas. Through the creation of idea’s of ourselves and believe the ideas of ourselves to be who we are, we destroy what is real and are not of life but of systems. This is the status of the human being, a system that uses logic to get what it needs to survive in spite of the rest. Standing one and equal here in and as the system that we all use, which is the physical, the substance that we all are without creating an idea of the system in the system, I can change as the system in the system and become the living solution. Only Here in and as the physical in and as every breath is all the power that does not exist as an idea or an opinion, but HERE in and as breath every moment to REALize ourselves as the system.

An example: not all beings are getting basic needs to live unconditionally, why is this so? Where am I participating and supporting this manifestation? What can I practically do to support me all as one and equal? Who am I within the system? Where can I change my own application in the best interest of Life. These questions are to be answered individually from the principle of oneness and equality to amalgamate within and as the physical to become the living solution. Within this problem it is to realize that we ourselves are the problem and what we see is the consequence of our self accepted and allowed self to exists as which manifests as reality. So from this realization it is to become self honest with self and see what exists within and as me that supports the manifested consequences and where I am participating to become the living example, the real solution.

Encarta dictionary on common sense
*Definition: “good judgment: sound practical judgment derived from experience rather than study”

– Comment: “good” does not exist and is a broadly accepted and allowed to be “good” as an idea. Creating opinions and making judgment is not standing one and equal as it but separating from it through the creation of an idea based upon a morality system that is inherited from others. Interpretation through the conditioned mind-system of the persona will “change” the perceptual reality – if we all have a different view “personal” view of the world we are not able to work together, live together and if we continue to allow each other to exist as an idea of ourselves WE will not change for real. Everything that I allow to exist separate of myself in and as the physical is not real and of systems. Nothing can exist separate from me in and as the physical here. All interpretation of the physical is not real and allowing the interpretation of our experience to be the foundation of our view of the world supports separation, because we are only concerned with that which we have already for ourselves and do not consider the pain of another and place ourselves in the situation of where we would not have what we already have. We stay put as that what we have and do not change until we are forced to change from the outside.

An example: I see a being that is suffering and I state that beings that suffer are because of other people that allow the abuse and from this judgment I act opposing the abusers or helping the people who suffer. Both cases are from the starting point of judgment and opinion and supporting the manifestation in its entirety. When I realize myself one and equal as the being that is suffering it is I that I am witnessing. The manifested consequence is the outflow of the self accepted and allowed nature of man that exists in all and what I judged was my self accepted and allowed nature. Common sense in this example is removing my opinions, believes and judgments and realizing myself as one and equal with what I see and become the witness of myself. From here I will not participate any further in the support of suffering in any form by not allowing it to exist separate of me. I realize myself as one and equal as what has manifested as the consequence of our self accepted and allowed human nature in and I become the living solution by not supporting ideas of it, but becoming aware of it. I stand as all as one and equal and stop where I am allowing it within myself to continue. The manifested reality is the outflow of events and the consequence of our collectively accepted and allowed human nature to exist within each and every single human being which manifests reality to our likeness as how it exists within each and every single one of us. If it was not us who allowed it to exist then it would simply not exist. Thus I stop allowing it within myself and I stop accepting it from others as myself, because the acceptance of by all collectively can only stop if I stop myself first. Here I stand as life in Self honesty and do not allow within myself to exist, Self honesty is the prevention of consequence and standing as who you really are no matter what. on common sense and sense
*Definition of Common Sense: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts

*Definition of Sense
* Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French sen, sens sensation, feeling, mechanism of perception, meaning, from Latin sensus, from sentire to perceive, feel; perhaps akin to Old High German sinnan to go, strive, Old English sith journey — more at send
1: a meaning conveyed or intended: import, signification; especially: one of a set of meanings a word or phrase may bear especially as segregated in a dictionary entry
2 a: the faculty of perceiving by means of sense organs b : a specialized function or mechanism (as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch) by which an animal receives and responds to external or internal stimuli c : the sensory mechanisms constituting a unit distinct from other functions (as movement or thought)
3: conscious awareness or rationality —usually used in plural – finally came to his senses
4 a: a particular sensation or kind or quality of sensation – a good sense of balance b: a definite but often vague awareness or impression – felt a sense of insecurity – a sense of danger  c: a motivating awareness – a sense of shame d : a discerning awareness and appreciation – her sense of humor
5: consensus – the sense of the meeting
6 a: capacity for effective application of the powers of the mind as a basis for action or response: intelligence b : sound mental capacity and understanding typically marked by shrewdness and practicality; also : agreement with or satisfaction of such power – this decision makes sense
7: one of two opposite directions especially of motion (as of a point, line, or surface)
Synonyms: sense, common sense, judgment, wisdom mean ability to reach intelligent conclusions. Sense implies a reliable ability to judge and decide with soundness, prudence, and intelligence – a choice showing good sense. Common sense suggests an average degree of such ability without sophistication or special knowledge – common sense tells me it’s wrong. Judgment implies sense tempered and refined by experience, training, and maturity they relied on her judgment for guidance. Wisdom implies sense and judgment far above average – a leader of rare wisdom.

Comments on the word Sense and Common Sense

When we look at the word sense it is defined as a particular sensation, feeling, meaning or perception that point out that sense is to be become aware of significance or meaning through either the senses or through an experience that suggest a meaning or intend. Also the mind is mentioned as being capable of perceiving meaning and able to “feel”. The word sense encompasses all that we are able to experience. We are the mind and through sensing we make up our world according to our experiences we gathered and see what is here through defining what is here. The only reason we distinguish and describe is because we are categorizing our experiences according to what is similar and alike.

I am one and equal to all that exists which implies that all that I experience is me and what I see is what I have defined it to be, but still me as the entirety. It is I who is looking at my own self definitions according to what I have stored and now perceive accordingly. The function of making distinctions and giving meaning is to function in a system as a system and is limitless in its application of dividing and operating as long as it has a source that allows it and will do so until the source is depleted or the manifested system is too demanding.
What I can touch is real when I touch I realize that I am HERE as all that is HERE in and as the physical. The words and descriptions are not what is here I am here as all that exists in and as the physical. A cup for example is a cup and I as I touch the cup I realize that I am here as that cup is here and anything else then what is actually here is not real and will not change what is here.

Through the process of judging and assessing the (IN)formation of what is here we separate ourselves from ourselves as the physical – we limit it through defining it and consequently we limit ourselves equal and one and are less then the physical as our perceptions and believes we created about the physical. We become a reflection of reality and miss to see that we are actually creating.

That we can perceive in first place is because we are it itself and not the perception of it, the conviction that we are not it creates separation between the manifested reality and “my” where human beings only care about their own reality and what suits their world. The separation of ourselves from the physical by creating perceptions and believes of the actual physically manifested reality maintains the self defined reality, consisting of knowledge and information about the physical and not the living realization in and as the physical where actual change is possible.

We create reality through the side-effects of our participation in this world in every moment of every breath, and because the side-effects are not evident immediately at the same spot we fail to see that we create. Each and every single human being is individually responsible for realizing him or herself as the creator, created and creating. We are the physical as all that exists and we also create in and as the physical which makes us the creator in and as the physical of the physical in every moment of every breath and we are already here created as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest as so we are fully responsible for our creation as ourselves in and as the physical as we are the physical and we have accepted and allowed it to exist as it exists here now. We can stop our Self created experience of our Self by not participating in any separation from the physical any more. on Common sense
* Definition (obsolete) An internal sense, formerly believed to be the sense by which information from the other five senses is understood and interpreted.

This common sense is the judge or moderator of the rest, by whom we discern all differences of objects; for by mine eye I do not know that I see, or by mine ear that I hear, but by my common sense […].

– Comment: Common sense as the place where the information is interpreted and understood is according to the accepted and allowed human nature that exists within each and every single human being as what has been accepted and allowed to exist. Is common sense our own common sense? Or is common sense that what has been copied from our parents, friends and society? What is referred-to as commons sense in the world-system is the nature of the world as it has always existed: in separation, as the “ascension” of “one” while the many suffer, where we disregard life as the common substance that is equal in all beings.
Every human being has a set of believes and perceptions, a design, a time and a place within this reality and according to theses conditions we determine who we are — We are born-into this design, and with our acceptance it becomes our individualized “mindset”. But who are we really? And what are we actually doing when living out these designs that are copied from others? Are we experiencing the suffering of another when living out our pre-designed life? Do we feel the pain of another being? The human being that is not concerned in any way what so ever with anything except their pre-programmed life and self satisfaction allows the world to continue. Human beings do not realize themselves as another and only care for their self defined world, regardless of what others physically experience. As long as their “own” “existence” is not directly threatened the person will do nothing. The self accepted and allowed definition of life as only to exist within the self defined boundaries of who you are in the world-system has created a world where we do not take Self responsibility as all as one and equal, but only care for our own self defined existence and not realize our Self as All Life as All as One And Equal. on common sense
* Definition: “Practical judgment based on experience or native intelligence, and not on education or training”

– Comment: what I have realized is to see in the moment as the moment and realize that I am in essence one and equal with all that exists and that there can be no judgment involved as I can only use what is already here in and as breath, simply because there is nothing else. What is required to be done I can see in the moment being in and as the physical in and as every breath, because there is nothing “special” or “extra” required as all is here. I support myself unconditionally as all as one and equal.

I redefine common sense as taking everything into consideration and seeing unconditionally what is here without judgment. Oneness and equality implies that I am in essence the same as everything that exists and I am not allowing any separation to exist by not allowing myself to participate in the creation of judgment and ideas about what is physically here. on common sense
* Sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

– Comment: when I look at the words in the definition: “normal native intelligence”, I see “native” as what is close, in the neighborhood or the surrounding environment – and “normal” is as a mal functioning according to a norm, because what I found normal is through what I have copied from others and accepted and allowed myself to become as well. Intelligence itself is simply the gathering of information and so from those three words I gather: seeing how everything works together. Common sense does not require “intelligence” because common sense implies to see what is here, that which all can see equally.

Common Sense versus Logic – Holy Shit

Within the science community common sense is regarded as accumulated experiences of a human being and where science focuses on getting a specific result through experimentation and reproducing the result to proof it is valid as evidence. Actually the evidence is a series of repeated results that are taken for fact, because it repeats. The description of “Common sense” as gathered experiences and one’s knowledge and information or what one knows is not real and implies that each-one has their “own” common sense as each-one’s experiences will differ and will be interpreted according to one’s background as education, culture, religion etc. It treats the individual as knowledge and information only, a measurable object with values as sex, size, race, condition, genetic properties, shape and weight. Within science as the observer being separated from the event and not taken into the equation science stands as the main pillar of the logic system, subjecting itself to the experiment creating assessments about what is here, only seeing the interpretation/reflection of the actual reality that is common through a mind-reality that is separate. And what science and religion have in common is that they both assume a source separate from Self Here as the physical, the source of everything that exists.

My perspective is that thinking and common sense is to realize in every moment you as everything else and find common ground with everything else so that there is no separation of you as a being inside you and you as a physical being HERE, that those are one and equal as all that is physically HERE and that everything is regarded in that way so that we can see where we still exist in separation so common sense is simply that what is HERE: obvious, evident, undebatable as that what we can touch: undeniably HERE.


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