Self Defined as Memory

Self defined as Memory

An ideal is formed through associations that are made in childhood with what is good and what is bad. This can vary greatly but where they are the same is that they are experienced; they are stored as memories that have a particular value. Memories represent a particular value within ourselves and we that is why we remember them. Memories are stored information which we carry with us in our daily lives. We may recall something that is seemingly random but our body has stored information and that we cannot make sense of it does not mean that it is random. Memories are what we have stored in and as ourselves as information about ourselves that make up our self-definition as the building blocks of our future, our ideals, hopes and dreams.

Creation of ideals

Within every moment we look at ourselves in comparison with an ideal and according to where we do not match this ideal we judge ourselves, therefore we will assign to ourselves negative properties compared to the perfect picture as the ideal that we have created. To understand this mechanism better we have to look at ideals even more, because ideals are not always realistic, in most cases delusional and simply impossible. Ideals are a combination of the desires of a person. It is the perfect reality that is not reality and according to that perfect reality, or the ability if you will to imagine a perfect reality, the definition of self is created that is less than the reality because you as reality perceive yourself as less than the perfect imaginary reality.

Justification for Ideals

Justification comes from the judgment we make about reality, about what is here based upon what we think of how it should be. This is a justification because you justify your ideal by judging this reality. In this way the ideal stays in place as the ‘place’ where you go instead of acting within this reality.

A World Without A The idea’s one creates of this world are a way of accepting the world and self as it is. Without an idea about yourself you cannot imagine yourself in an idea, without the definition of yourself you cannot create an ideal, without an ideal you are not judging the world and then the world does not exist in a separate place as something that opposes an idea but is as it is. The individual is not definitions and ideas but the world itself and accordingly a being will act as the world. A being that does not act upon an idea but as the world has the power to change the world, because there is not separation between self and the world as self, thus every action will be as the whole. Actions a being takes as the whole will be done for self. Self not being defined by anything personal or separate of the entirety will: not harm another, will not deceive another, will not steal from another, will not lie to another. Within these basic principles a being can live, not survive as a separate entity at the cost of others but live as an expression of life that see all beings as equals supporting life and if a being does not support life, it is not life and what dies then wasn’t living in the first place, but a system of abuse and destruction.


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