Maya, the World of Opposites and Illusions

Anything of the physical reality shows the truth in reverse where I could find some examples that are:

-Growth, seemingly we grow in this physical reality but this is not so because we all return to where we came from

-Movement, everything seems to move but nothing really does because it moves in itself therefore it is not movement on itself but movement of self

-Change, matter seems to change but this is not true because when looking closer it merely transforms into something else

-Separation, everything seems to be apart and separate but this is not true because it all decays and is made essentially of the same matter

-Death, all that moves and animates or what we define as organisms die, but we have not been able to find life or see it, only discover the mechanics of how organisms work, we didn’t find life in them.

-Depth, we seem to be in a place that extends in all directions into infinity because we believe that we are in a place and thus we search for an end of creation, but it was never there but the entire framework where the other illusions play in

-Continuation, everything seems to be going somewhere, but as mentioned it ends up at the same point where it came from, nothing lasts, all transforms and because we do not remember everything we do not see that it has been the same all the time.

-Breath, we need another breath all the time and we breath our-self into existence, we process the environment and take it in and blow it out but it does not stay that is the essence of breath

-Evolution, we seem to become more complex but this is not so because as BIO organisms we are in –and output machines that mimic the environment, we function on taking in what is here and processing it, which is taking in a part and become the opposite so that we are the energy that is our-self and our world that we separate from through copying combined

-Inner/outer, we seem to exist inside as something in something, but as pointed out nothing stays, all is the same stuff in essence, everything transforms, nothings is separate, so this line extended we do not exist in or out.

-Mind, in all of the above the mind mimics what is here that is us in fact and creates an opposite believe, a denial, a position, individuals, the animal kingdom, plants and humans are aspects of the same bio-organism where the mind of humans has been conditioned to mimic the environment, which is also common in animals, but within mimicking or copying. Humans do not recognise what is here as the reflection of themselves but the copy they made as themselves. Consequentially humans have become vacuum machines meaning that they accumulate input until they die because they believe to be the input or accumulated information gathered through the senses. When input and output are the same then the whole is actually considered and the being is not defining and evolving as a separate entity consisting of knowledge and information(input) but is processing everything as itself and in this is actually functioning in the whole as the whole.


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