The Money Mind

Any money produced is made out of debt, literally money is produced on the promise that with future labor the debt will be restored, even though this is not realistic looking at the amount of debt and specifically the exponential growth of debt. Look at this simple fact, children that are born into the world have to work their entire lives but actually more then their life-time and even their childrens life-time, all enslaved to the debt-system or money system. This implies that all that all the value that we give to money is based on the labor we are willing to do for it. The pressure, stress, violent competition and destructive exploitation is all to get our own share and turn each others legs out. So looking at this situation, money is based on labor and people that work. Being born and being in debt from the moment of being born doesn’t make sense, think about it: what the fuck do you have to do with a country being in debt in the game of profit, are we merely pawns of the profit-game? Not participating in the money system is cutting your own life force and you die, which is only true when you are property of a country, think about it. when you would have learned the necessary skills to survive and living on a piece of land that was protected(let say you are being considered as a ‘natural’ ‘local’ tribe, LOL) then you do not require any of the con-tree but instead you can take any tree (except the poisonness ones) The debt system, that in order to be payed off first expands as the already existing debt and therefor the necessary labor enlarges. The money system as it exists can not continue and is already busy collapsing. Looking at how this system operates is exactly the same as any mind consciousness system, you manifest it with specific rules then it starts to develop as a construct and as more people accept this construct it becomes a generally accepted manifestation (unfortunately, generally accepted manifestations are often confused with common sense) The thing is with mind consciousness constructs is that once it becomes to demanding it will consume the substance it thrives from and manifest in a human physical body as a disease, where when we take the whole world as a body then we are pretty God Damn Sick and with any disease it takes the body back to a let’s say… bare state in order to rebuild itself from the Mind-fuck it participated in. The human itself is considered as being in debt: you have to work to survive, you could say: hey, but if you don’t work you can’t live, but that is not what I mean. I mean the destructive pressure we apply on individuals we don’t see, hear or smell. And it turns out that humans don’t give a fuck as long as they themselves are not with their noses in it. This is kind of the ‘problem’ and there are no exceptions, humans don’t actually care if they don’t feel it physically, directly. See this writing as my own system that I am writing out because this applies for me as well, so questions like: what does it actually mean that we are living in a system in spite of others? How can we call ourselves evolved? from what perspective evolved? do we only have better technology to beat the shit out of each other? is the only reason why we are going more and more towards psychological warfare, because we actually fear having to feel physical contact? would, if we had more direct contact with the physical reality, improve our “sense” of reality?


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