Equal Money

I am looking at Money and Sex within the world-system, the world-system in general and share my perspective. Money is a representative for anything substantial that we can get, it is through money. Money represents the stuff we have and money is what you can exchange for anything if you have enough of it that is why people want it so bad, because they want to have stuff.

Want and Need
What I want isn’t always what I need. The “want” comes up after the basic needs have been satisfied as water, food, shelter, clothing and a stable accessibility to those needs. After this I want something else that will improve my life, make it easier, more comfortable, more efficient, more enjoyable etc.
All these wants and needs are obtained through giving money being the giver of anything that is substantially needed or wanted all you have to do is get money first. With this parents give you a head start, but this is not always so and if not you are stuck in not being able to get stuff and often not even basic stuff to survive. And then there is the question: why are we depended on the amount of money our parents have? And where did the first parents get their money from? LOL

We require food, shelter and what is here as earth as substance that we all are and is here for us unconditionally. The manifestation of money and requirement of money is artificial and build on top of what is already here. Money is the blood of the system that has invested the earth. It is not the money itself but the system in its entirety that knows no end, knows no limit and knows no consequence. It grows through participation in and as the system and grows as long as it is being fed by life force. This is in plain sight, we drain our resources, we over harvest our environment all for the evolution and expansion of the word-system that we live in.

The machines and devices that we have created are the externalization of our self, our physicality as machines, our thinking as computers, our emotions and feelings as the entertainment industry. What we have created is a world where we can see ourselves and explore and expand ourselves as systems existing as thoughts feelings and emotions. The word-system is the place that we are in and subject to as we identify ourselves according to who we are in relation to the world we have manifested. We are the world as the systems we have become. The question: is this world-system who we really are?

Money as described is the blood of the machine, which is electricity, which is generated through constant participation of human beings in the and as the system interacting with each other as systems generating the thoughts feelings and emotions that generate the necessary power for the systems to exist and as we feed the system the system feeds on us draining our bodies of the life essence that we really are. The interactions of corporations is interesting to look at as they go into business deals to generate more money, creating a sucking effect and demanding more energy as the system drawing from pure life essence as substance as earth as what we really are. Quite a clinch we got ourselves into.

Money and Sex
To provide people with stuff, business come together to provide the masses with that which they desire. The business themselves check what is demanded and bought by the people and create a chain of relationships to produce what is demanded. Relationships in the world-system are based on profit, because a relationship or cooperation will not be formed if there is no benefit involved. Which makes sense from the perspective of the point of view of a business that is based on money and needs money to survive, just like a human being needs money to survive. The relationships and connections when we look at how a business operates is to generate money, so that it is survives within the world-system. Sex is when two people are attracted to each other and in the interaction energy is created as the systems they both represent compliment each other and were already linked into each other before the meeting. The system of a human being is the persona and the specific design within the world. The design of a human within the world as an operating system is exactly the same as a business that operates in the world-system. The interaction and merging of two systems may it be corporations or human beings create a new system that is evolved from the perspective that it rises from the two designs as one “new” design and is them both as one, because the system demanded it as it brought the two designs together in the first place. That is why any human being or business in this reality is a system manifestation and the progression of symbols that are systematically arranging it self to become independent of its source: life essence.

Systems explained
We are all life essence yet we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become enslaved by systems that use life as the power source to be alive, which is not life but a system using life essence to evolve itself into more systems that becomes more demanding as the nature of a system is to evolve from what it already is and become more then it already is. A system continues regardless of the consequences, like a computer continuing as long as it is doesn’t break down where it relies on previous events and the supply of the energy to the components demanded by the instructions given through the user of the programs and applications on the computer. So the question to ask is who am I behind the computer? Who am I within the system? What am I participating in? What am I accepting and allowing within myself? What am I supporting in and as the system?

Systems defused
Not the system itself but the way it is used is the problem; a system doesn’t do anything on itself it simply follows instructions and requires a participant that pushes the button that says: start. Human beings are much like a computer with software on it that is arranged differently but works essentially the same. The human computer interacts with other computers through the internet (the world), stores information and makes connections. That we have created the internet now as the most prominent medium of communication is because it already existed in and as ourselves and we have externalised it to show ourselves who we are, but let us look at the way it is used.

The use of the internet
The internet is lots of computers interconnected where a part of the internet is the web or world wide web that consist of documents and resources interlinked forming a web of documents and resources. To make a connection the computer connects with another computer that is publicly available through sending its IP address over, like as an identification number. A computer that connects to the internet which is a network of networks has to identify itself and then it will be accepted and is allowed to use the service called the World Wide Web for example through the internet. Human beings receives a name when it is born and is accepted by the system to become an entity that can use the system and function within it through the number that it receives it has access to resources and services within the system. Now let us take money into account what and see why a system as a human being has to generate money in to stay in the system. When we look at the internet it is computers that need electricity to keep the networks and data running, which is all electricity that has to be generated outside of the system. It requires a source that has to continuously supply power to the computes involved to be able to function. The world-system, with human beings in it as computers, requires powered computers for it to exist. Humans get power through eating food, drinking water and store energy to do. All that humans supply them selves with comes from earth. Human beings are transforming earth into systems that only demands more life essence every time. And the problem is this that it is one way traffic where we have become the energy suppliers for the world-system. The solution is to stop ourselves and take self responsibility for our own creation and redesign ourselves as the system in such a way that it supports all as one and equal. So that the system is supporting ourselves as life and not using us as life source to exist separate from ourselves. Because at this moment we can not live unconditionally, we can not do what we want and the children that are born into the world are enslaved from birth and are forced to work and supply the system with life essence. In the current situation human beings have come to believe in themselves as energy, as that which has manifested outside of them selves but not considered themselves as life essence equal in all beings as the source and giver of all that is. And the question is who are we within giving ourselves as that is what will become.

Equal Money for All
all the manifested material stuff that we use comes together through money, so simplified all you see is money. except human beings, they have no value in the system. The only value is their desire for the stuff manifested by the system.


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