Money system

I will write about solutions and share my view on the current system and what alternatives can be offered

-the money system as in how it currently operates does so based only on competition, so what you need as in food , clothing and housing you buy and obtain through choosing from other people that offer these services and compete with eachother in price. The price is determind by the seller through buying rescources and refining the products. Now anyone that can get cheaper resources will do so and sell the same product for a lower price. The consequence is that through this people subject to the money system because they need to survive and sacrifice their time and effort to get their basic needs somewhere else. So on the one end someone gathers resources for almost no value but to get that basic stuff to survive while on the other end the buyer, has the basic stuff he wants and can buy other stuff also, creating the illusion that the money(energy) that the person has is free to spend without consequences and is now defined and accepted as the freedom as life above the standards of living

-the moneysystem how it currently operates is based on consumerism or in other words the entire system that is in place from hair products to fastfood comes from the believe in extra money and to use this excess money for expansion and luxury and or extra’s above the basic needs while this is made possible through others giving up everything to simply exist.

Lets look at this situation because others dying simply as an engine for the western world how does it work? And why does the western world not stand up and stop this?

When i place myself in the position of a human being in a poor country i am in the same sort of system wich is based on competition and that i have to work to get my food and basic needs. Now these basic needs since the country is being exploited by businesses are imported or expansive, work is available on and in places that are being exploited and the back bone of a community is ripped out through the system of competition where in the country itself the food that is grown and what is produced is exported because it is more profitable for the producer while the people are now forced to make money for even less payement. Another thing that i take in is that some western people complain that they should stop having children in poor countries, but the people that live there are for their very survival depending on their children

Now the gathering of money and the illusion created in money itself defined as freedom of what you have and can do is actually because of other sacrificing their lives to survive. When i look at the situation in common sense, we are all systems that need the same and the current system we created two worlds that grow apart where extremes of have and have not’s become bigger. not for any obvious reason, not justifiable in any way, not lasting so not stable, not sustaining. Simply malfunctioning. A human being should have a device that it registers that what it needs to survive and on bases of this facts get it unconditionally, because the system that is now in place depends on not what is here and needed to be produced and dispersed but on that which is scares, that which is missing and that which humans can not obtain. That is why the money system works, because humans are forced into it from birth. Constantly something is held before the human eye to obtain which they have to get. For a poor human it is food and water and for a rich person it is status and experiences that exalt the ego

The entire money system is only working because it is deliberately held in place and compensated just enough to survive. Money itself as that wich is not linked and standing as all beings as what is physically needed as that wich needs to flow through all beings equally is no a system. I could look at human beings as simply energy machines that all need the same and the entire operation of actually existing on this ball is completely failing as some androids are seemingly going of into random completely split of patterns of their own accord drawing immense amounts of energy and transforming it into none supportive manifestations that demand even more energy to be sustained by even less, more paranoid androids. Unacceptable.

The money system as how it currently operates and then looking specifically at how business and money making is operating is based on profit which is based on sex as the profit and the money making is business and relationships that work together to get the profit.

That sex is accepted and allowed to exist as having an orgasm and fucking is directly reflected in and as the urge to make money, have money, gather money. The gathering of energy and releasing this energy in and as the manifestation of profit and expanding their already defined existence based on energy, gathering energy and the exhilarating experience of the release of the gather money.

Having money and all that is defined and associated with it such as freedom, experiences, possession and power comes from the enslavement itself to the idea of build up in and as the human being and realized, as the sexual experience is first build up and then released.

That humans dont care anymore after the release and only want more after is proof that it was about the idea and not about actuality, not about the fact but the idea associated with it beforehand.



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