Broken Mirror

Inferiority has in many ways been how i defined myself. Inferior and insignificant. I compared myself to the world as something apart from it and i placed myself under it as if i needed to become this outside. This not only through deceiving myself in something out there and to know more but also in placing a believe and conviction in information and self created idea’s to follow and constantly feed and build on.  I am stopping this here and i found that using common sense was something that i before wrote off as just my experience and my passed.

Common Sense

common sense is described as accumulated impressions through the senses and that wich you gathered as experience. What is interesting about this mechanism is that the gathering and the taking in of the world is linked to what i call a set of thinking and that wich you gather experience around. The believes and perceptions are based upon rules and pictures learned memorized and associated with the following impressions and forms a picture book called “my life”. This process is a storing and associating process and in relation to location and sequence makes up a story wich are little stories put together consisting of the pictures that make up “my life”.

Applied common sense

I found that who we have become and what i have gathered as experience is added to and as described simply expanded. Some things we experience and memorize we use, but most things we remember and associate often for no apparent reason except that we copied it that way from our parents. To apply myself I had to force myself to look at this world as it really is as I really am and not make it something separate to gather to make me. I noticed within this that i have accepted and allowed myself to become a subject of the world and not direct myself but constantly look out for something to identify myself with. The fact is that I am here manifested and all that i have experienced and gathered doesn’t change the fact. The interaction with the world made me separate of it and define it as something else, but i am it in fact in and as the moment. The process of association is actually dissociation from the physical here as what is manifested. So to use my senses effectively to say to see here as what is really here in and as the physical i stop myself as some story book and i look at what it is that has manifested. The gathered experiences and associations are actually where i have separated myself from here as the physical. Scattered over time i made many prints of me but it is here that i am. To come back to here i stop perceptions that i accepted and allowed to as myself and realize myself here in and as all that is here in and as the physical.


The thinking process and or the definitions formed of myself can be superior also where i place myself as greater then and deem something that is here as less then me while having certain preference for other manifestations where i created idea’s and perceptions from. What happens in this process is that i see that which i have in my head and accepted and allowed to be more then the physical here. This implies is that any thought definition, idea, believe or perception is “god” as it is that which i look as and accept to be more the who i am here in and as the flesh as the physically manifested.  This simply means that wether it is god, ego or thoughts coming up it is that which pushes up from my passes as separated part of me that i have accepted and allowed to define as something else the here.


From here there is no inferiority neither superiority, but that anything that i am is everything in essence and all that i think of as is not. The inferior or superior is much like interior and exterior which is much like a mirror where the mirror is sand and not the physical body manifest. But this is interesting because who am i as this organic body? do i define myself as superior to a solid object? The difference is that i have more design and preprogrammed systems running which are passed on onto me and i did not choose, though the essence: physically manifestation is the same. So i look from the principle of oneness and equality, i focus on that which i have in common not on the design. So there is absolutely no difference what so ever between me and something.


Breathing is the constant taking in and putting out of the environment. A rock doesn’t breath, does it? Well it does not breath like you. But the rock is in and as the environment as i am here and this being part means that the intake is certainly so, rocks process the environment as I. So breathing in and as the physical is processing in and as the physical and supporting here in and as the physical by in and as every breath being in and as the physical and from here  being fully responsible as every breath since you are the totality. Here is the thing, what this is in essence or what makes it stay is this process itself of cycling but not exactly going round it a process. I make it in and as every breath.


To come to the heart of the matter or what is in essence, is that which is everywhere and in and as everything. The thing that we most want to know, the greatest secret and that what we want the most, is the most common simply direct and here expression of them all. This is essence it is already here, the rest is a game of give and take.


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