It deserves a topic, since i have smoked weed for 7 years orso. I used weed with others and smoking a joint when i was younger around 18 was cool and different. In the beginning there was this tension of doing something that is slightly not average and the exploration of stuff that got you away from the drag of life. Weed in the beginning was heavy and often made me go blanc, since i was and am pretty sensitive to substance. I have fallen hard with the combination of alcohol and weed, but after a few years and having seen the hospital from the inside twice i used it seperately or very mildly together. I remember one time that i woke op in a hospital room and that they had cleaned my stomach orso, i simply woke up stood up they asked if i was allright and said yeah yeah and i walked out. I was stunned about and dissapointed but also amazed at how little much i disregarded myself and did not realise at that time how to release me from anxiety, stress, dependency, anger, frustration and all that thermoil called emotions. Self forgiveness and living Common Sense and being self honest consequently were introduced by myself wich with I empowered myself to release myself from emotions and compressed feelings that i before didnt knew how to dissolve. The forgiveness done and walked on weed, self abuse and anger have been effective in removing my self created relationship with weed and dissolved frustrations and compressed emotions wich felt like bricks dissolving in my stomach. So do i continue with this process in all ways, since it has been effective or rather removed the effect wich was a self created effect and lets call it a boomrang effect.


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