My parents have traveled with me and my little brother a lot, who is for years younger then me. When i think back I have been very much protected from the harsh world. The Netherlands is much boxed in and closed of from the world and has secured a place through but licking. I have no other words for it.  Anyway this subject is about travel so many countries i visited with my parents and the fresh environments and new things were something to look out for. In one instance i have after stopping my education in graphic design, traveled to france on my own picking grapes. I met random people and ended up with some different figures from the big cities. Very different types together wich i found interesting and we worked together, wich was very interesting. This time was for me freedom. I got along with many and what is interesting is when i look back i can see myself compared to other people and what i coppied as if a natural selection of behavior has followed after that, where i am the natural selector but when not aware of self then this is simply an automated coppying of others.  I got along with a few people as the harvest wasnt going to well and we had to move up way north to get jobs picking grapes. I did manage with some broken french to get a job for us and we found ourselves in alcace france on the boarder of germany where it the place lay in a valley and after a meet up of someone that returned from holland we were pretty soon smoking hash at the river side and running around at night with shopping carts.

Snowboard vacation was for me also intense, the mountain air and magnified sun by the crystal white snow gave me a kick and i could go on such and experience for a year, like a battery being charged for a while. The connection with a person that i also played guitar with i felt with snowboarding we were both of a more slow style and i found that this for me was very liberating, i was kind of struck by it that, that is basicly what love is about or some bond it has to do with supporting a construct and way of doing. We were like two notes the same chord. I will admit i had to release a tear, wich was so strange cause i dont often. lets see one time when i was cought on camera steeling alcohol cause i was to young to buy it and got picked up by my father and one time when i was telling my father to stop steriods to the dog. And i  cant recall much more, but i have cried a couple of times probably, but not when i fell into pointy rocks or got stitched without sedation working proberly or waking up with a skin hanging from my chin, somehow those things i dont find so dramatic.


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